Bella Napoli Pizzeria & Restaurant

The food's not SoBe fancy. The décor -- a few tacked-up travel posters -- is about as glam as its location, in a mini-mall next to a gas station. As well as being easily overlooked by tourists, this little hole in the wall pizza place has been around for so long it's easy for locals to take it for granted. But prices aren't SoBe fancy either; it's hard to blow over $10 on dinner. And the old fashioned New York-style (non-designer) pies -- savory sausage/onion with extra cheese are particularly recommended -- can compete in quality with those at much-vaunted Steve's. Also good are the hot grinders, including some tasty options for vegetarians, like fried peppers and eggs, or eggplant parmigiana. The latter's also available as an entrée, so too are a number of other Italian-American favorites. And don't shun the basket of super-potent garlic bread on the table. Roughly a zillion calories each, the oil-soaked, soft rolls are well worth the week of dieting they necessitate.