American Czech-Slovak Cultural Club

This charming, hidden gem of a private club, secluded like a Bohemian hunting lodge on a bucolic wooded parcel abutting Arch Creek in North Miami, is a labor of love undertaken by the Czech- and Slovak-American communities. ACSCC is equipped with a professional kitchen and a professional chef, and what they serve up on Sundays is authentic, satisfying Middle-European fare, including, among others, perfectly roasted duck, tender pork rizek (Czech-style schnitzel), and delicious, old-fashioned pot roast. All entrées come with homemade soup, salad, sauerkraut or red cabbage, and potatoes or Czech-style bread dumplings. Coffee and often homemade dessert are also included. Inquire first; if it's not homemade, don't bother: The commercial apple strudel, for example, isn't worth the extra calories. Speaking of added calories, ACSCC boasts a little bar, open Saturdays and Sundays, offering excellent beers on tap, including Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen. Wine, wine coolers, and soft drinks are available too. Service is sincere, if a little amateurish, and, oddly, diners are asked to order and pay the cashier (cash only) before being seated. The infectious enthusiasm that pervades the place, though, makes such idiosyncrasies easy to overlook. ACSCC closes for a month during the summer but otherwise offers a year-round schedule of cultural events and also is available for private parties.