3 Chefs Chinese Restaurant

Downtown Miami's growth has led to a diversity of food options. One of the newest spots is 3 Chefs, which serves both Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. It's not just for take out and delivery, though both options are available. There are tables and booths and two TVs on the wall, which are enough to entertain when you're not being hypnotized by the chow. There's really nothing much more healing than a delicious pho. 3 Chefs has twelve options for this hearty Vietnamese soup, including Pho Chin Bo Vien with brisket and meatballs in a beef broth (all $9.95). Also, they serve bun, which is a spring roll, cold vermicelli, and a salad all in one. There are beef, pork, and chicken buns available, and Bun Chay, with tofu and lemongrass ($9.95). The Chinese menu is extensive, and includes 3 Chefs specialties like Sesame Chicken ($11.95) and Fried Fish ($14.95), served with either white or brown rice. There's a diet menu for the weight conscious, which includes Bean Curd with Vegetables ($9.95 or 29.95 for 6 plus, if you want to share). Lunch and dinner specials offer financial relief. Lunch specials are served from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays and dinner is after 3 p.m. They both include pork or chicken fried rice and dinner includes an egg roll. Pork Egg Foo Young ($4.95 for lunch and $8.50 for dinner) and spicy Cashew Chicken ($7.45 for lunch and $10.45 for dinner) are on these menus. Happy hour is from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., and it's buy two of beer or wine and get one free.