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Streetwear brands like Supreme and Bathing Ape have long garnered all the hype, but can you buy Cap'n Crunch-flavored soft-serve at their stores? You can at Kith,the Manhattan-based luxury clothing brand whose flagship Miami Beach store fuses street fashion and food in a unique concept. Kith's swanky Collins Avenue shop is filled with designer clothes and footwear from Nike, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, and Saint Laurent and boasts arches throughout its modern space, constructed with hundreds of cast Air Jordan 5 sneakers. Along with the apparel, the store is known and loved for its signature Kith Treats, which include cereal-flavored milkshakes and soft-serve ice creams designed by the likes of the late Virgil Aloh and rapper Action Bronson.

Whether you're looking to strut through the streets or in need of a period piece to finish off a costume, you'll discover a world of posh fashion history inside the House of Findings. Owner Mayra Gonzalez has been in the vintage game since 1989, and her taste is finer than any designer sitting on South Beach. Clothing as far back as the '30s, international garb, upcycled and handmade goods — she has it all. You can hit the mall and dress like everyone else, or you can visit the House of Findings and look iconic. Which do you prefer?

Over the past decade and a half, the mother-daughter duo of Nicole Valenzuela and Rosana Mattioli has mastered the art of elegant swimwear. Nikki's Beachhouse Boutique's collection of vibrant bathing suits, lingerie, and even bridal beachwear uses high-quality materials and fuses styles from Valenzuela's native West Coast and our own backyard. Whether you're shopping online or at the brick-and-mortar stores in Coconut Grove and South Miami, one thing is guaranteed: You won't find anything basic. Splurge on a reversible bikini set and a white cotton coverup or a matching canvas tote and floppy hat set.

Dadeland Mall

Until someone invents a time machine, taking a trip to the mall is the next best thing to rewinding the VHS of your imagination. Stepping into Dadeland Mall is a bit of a throwback: All your teenage favorites are there, from the Auntie Anne's pretzel kiosk and Mandarin Express in the food court to a two-story Urban Outfitters stocked with thrift-store styles at unaffordable prices. This isn't to say there aren't newer additions, including a Sephora, an Apple store, and a Shake Shack. There are plenty of seating areas and phone-charging stations throughout the mall, plus a play area for restless kiddos. Make a day of it or, if you're so inclined, a night — last fall, an AC Hotel opened up next to Macy's, offering you the opportunity to extend your retroactive respite for as long as you care to.

Ra Haus

It isn't often you find restroom stalls with full-length doors —you know, the kind that extend all the way to the floor — let alone in a public facility. But the bathrooms at Palm Court in the Design District offer privacy and more. In addition to men's and women's rooms, there's a genderless "everyone" restroom for anyone who might need it. In the ladies', you'll find soft, warm lighting and a full-length mirror for last-minute fit checks. Next to the sinks are your choice of paper towels or a Dyson hand dryer. Feeling antsy? Distract yourself with the Buckminster Fuller-designed geodesic dome in the courtyard on the street level or chill in the comfortable lounge area out front while your girlfriend touches up her lipstick.

It's your real-life Central Perk but with fewer sweaters and a more environmentally conscious attitude. SpecialTEA Lounge and Café, Tamiami's very own specialty coffee, beer, and, well, TEA shop, is conveniently located in the Columbia Shopping Plaza within walking distance of Florida International University's main campus, the better for students in need of a cozy study sesh. You can count on the fast, reliable internet, and there are outlets to plug into arrayed across every wall. Whether you've procrastinated on a school or work assignment or just have a hankering for caffeine and organic munchies, SpecialTEA outlasts most café around town, staying open from 11 a.m. till 11 p.m. Make yourself comfortable on a couch, in a booth, or in a cushioned chair while you jack the Wi-Fi to your heart's content. Having a rough day? The expert baristas can sling any customized drink you request, with aplomb. Bring a jacket or hoodie, though — the air conditioning's topnotch too.

Adrian Gaut/The Standard Spa

Listen, spas are a dime a dozen in Miami. But there's a reason locals continue to flock to Belle Isle on the Venetian Causeway and make their way to the Standard Spa. Sure, it's a hotel — and a great one at that — but you don't need to spend the night here to avail yourself of the spa amenities. Anyone who spends $125 on services Monday through Thursday (there's a $225 minimum Friday through Sunday) can enjoy everything the hotel offers without booking a room. The "Standard Massage" (get it?) starts at $216 for 60 minutes and ascends from there as your tensions melt away proportionally. There are sound-healing and Thai massages ($300 for 90 minutes), a "Hurts So Good" ($228 for 60 minutes), and more. And there are body treatments, facials, and nail services. Afterward, you can enjoy the Turkish-style hammam, take an Arctic plunge in 50-degree water, or chill out by the infinity pool overlooking Biscayne Bay. Seriously, what's not to love about the Standard?

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Sana prides itself on its "goal-driven" facials, but the experience is refreshingly meditative in a society that too often prioritizes productivity above all else. Sure, you could drop in during your lunch break for a quick refresh, but even a 50-minute facial feels restorative, not rushed. Before commencing, your facialist will have you take a few deep breaths and give you the opportunity to recenter your thoughts. Then you can choose between a guided facial experience, wherein you'll be walked through each step of the process, or a silent session to reclaim a moment of peace. Rates start at $65 for the express 30-minute option and step up to $105 for the 50-minute signature facial and to $175 for the 70-minute SuperGlow or SuperDetox. Add-ons include extra time for extractions, LED light therapy, or a gua sha lymphatic massage. It's a self-care session that will remind you, as Sana's famous selfie mirror avers, "you are blooming."

If you're on the hunt for some much-needed self-care, head to Habits Skin Lab, where pampering your hands and feet is their passion. Set against a soothing pastel backdrop, Habits exudes tranquility in every way — from the complimentary matcha lattes to the melodious playlist, which eases you into their velvet (velvet!) pedicure chairs. Habits carries all of your favorite O.P.I and Essie shades, as well as brands like Ella + Mia for those who prefer clean beauty options. And if you're looking to re-create the latest nail trend, the skilled nail technicians here are up to the task, with offerings like Aprés Gel-X extensions, traditional acrylics, and killer nail art worthy of the 'Gram. Pro tip: While they do take walk-ins, it's best to schedule an appointment for a seamless experience.

If any beverage is widely considered sacred, it's coffee. That's what sets apart Coffee & Hair Co. as one of the most special blow-dry bars for all of your styling needs. You can choose from a variety of packages with additional treatments and services — including the coffee scrub, which provides a deep cleanse paired with a lovely scalp massage during your wash. Appointments can be made online or over the phone, and if they're booked up on the day you need them, they'll offer to put you on the waitlist. The best part? The coffee is fantastic.

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