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A small, unpretentious store with barred windows and neon signs advertising "Delta 8" and "CBD," Herbin Living Smoke Shop appears, at first glance, to be your average Miami head shop — but it's much more once you step inside. The shelves are filled with the familiar array of grinders, glass pipes, and rolling papers, of course, but the shop also sells its own line of high-quality CBD and CBD-infused goods and boasts a private, outdoor lounge area. Choose from a wide selection of CBD products including wellness gummies from Martha Stewart's collection, pain creams, and skin patches — all with the guidance of the store's friendly and CBD-knowledgeable employees.

Photo courtesy of Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co.

You could visit one of the new, bourgeois cigar lounges that are popping up all over Miami's shmanciest neighborhoods, but why mess with a proven formula? Set in the heart of Little Havana, Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co. rose to prominence during the U.S. cigar boom of the '90s when the shop, owned by the Bello family, launched its Havana Sunrise brand, whose popularity made CTCC the largest producer of cigars in the U.S. But the family has been rolling cigars for far longer — ever since founder Don Bello opened a factory in Las Villas, Cuba, in 1896. With roots firmly planted in el exilio Miami, the family-owned shop is still going strong — and so are the cigars.

Alongside Happy Vapor Shops' shelves stacked neatly with various Delta-8 THC candies, single-use vape pens, and e-juices is the "Wall of Hope," filled with old Marlboro and Newport cigarette packs. Since Marty Rodriguez opened the Doral vape store in 2013, she has striven not only to sell topnotch products with great service but to also support her customers' transition from cigarettes to vaping devices. "Everybody that buys a kit to quit smoking, I will get their pack of cigarettes and put it up on the wall, because that was a commitment," Rodriguez explains. The small shop, sandwiched between two restaurants (one Colombian, one Chinese) in a nondescript strip mall, feels like home for vape bros and ex-smokers alike. The store even maintains an educational blog that it regularly updates with information about its products, which include Delta-8 and nicotine salts.

Photo courtesy of Caliente Adult Superstore

Whether you're looking for a few supplies for a romantic evening or aiming to spice things up in the boudoir, Caliente Adult Superstore is your one-stop erotic shop. As soon as you enter (through doors darkened to respect patrons' privacy), the kind and attentive staff is ready to help you find products that suit your sensual desires. Lingerie and lube? They've got it. Plush handcuffs and edible underwear? You'll find it here. For those in the market for solo-sexual accoutrements, Caliente stocks a wide array of dildos, Fleshlights, and DVDs, as well as a private viewing room. Whether you're a veteran of kink or a newbie couple, you're welcome at this pleasure emporium.

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