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Connecting Miami's bustling mainland with the quieter Key Biscayne, the Rickenbacker Causeway offers some of the most magical — and peaceful — views of the city. Accessible by car, bike, or your own two feet, the five-mile roadway is mere minutes away from the Magic City's clogged byways and crowded bars and clubs. Run along the Rickenbacker Trail and admire Miami's famous beaches, palm trees, and Biscayne Bay. Along the route, you'll see the city in all its glory: its jagged skyline, sparkling waters and the occasional kilo washing ashore.

When a South Floridian spots a summertime Instagram post from a well-traveled acquaintance boasting of a trip to Greece or Thailand or the South Seas, we experience not a single pang of envy — only pity. After all, the Atlantic Ocean is our fricking backyard. No jet lag, no currency exchange, no muss, no fuss. With mile after mile of accessible coastline from Key Biscayne to Miami Beach to Sunny Isles, the Atlantic provides a natural air conditioner to keep cool during our otherwise impossibly sweltering summer months.

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Anyone who likes to be stoned and has been to South Pointe Park can tell you that South Pointe Park is an excellent place to be stoned. The views of downtown and Brickell over shimmering Biscayne Bay is the stuff of dreams, and there's an ever-present cool breeze, even on sweltering summer days. On Wednesday and Sunday evenings, however, something special is added to the already serene experience. AcroYoga is a portmanteau of "acrobatics" and "yoga," and it looks like it sounds. The park is filled with scantily clad people in excellent shape, effortlessly lifting each other and contorting their bodies. As the sun sets over the skyline across the bay, acoustic guitars, bongos, maracas, and harmoniums are played for jam sessions centered around Hare Krishna chants. Roll a joint, pick up an instrument, maybe try out AcroYoga for yourself if you're feeling limber. Or just sit back, people-watch, and wonder where your munchies will take you for dinner. It's casual, free, and 420-friendly.

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