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Need that Louboutin red sole replaced? Covered. Investment handbags renewed? Done. The Cobblers has a fleet of artisans who can repair or restore almost anything you throw at them. From boots to zippers to belts, they know their way around vintage and designer goods and everything in between. The tidy, stylish, full-service shop does stellar work, but if you can't make the trip to Little River, by all means order the prepaid shipping kit, then mail in your tattered items and get them back resurrected. After a treatment here, your favorite pieces will look fresh-outta-the-box new.

Pound for pound, dry cleaners might be one of the most colossally underrated service providers. Picking a decent and reliable dry-cleaning service is like choosing a therapist: You can't settle, and you have to go with what feels like the right fit that caters to your specific needs. As one of the highest-reviewed dry cleaners out there, Sudsies is that place for countless Miamians. With three locations in Miami-Dade County alone (Miami, North Miami, and Miami Beach) — and pick-up and delivery service throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties — Sudsies is widely accessible. When the services you offer are also offered at countless other storefronts and locations across the region, it can be hard to stand out in your market. But not if you're Sudsies. The dry cleaner services large non-clothing items such as bedding, area rugs, and comforters, to name but a few. ("Might we add bridal, evening wear, vintage clothing, alterations, restorations, and preservation to our long list of fortes," Sudsies' website proudly boasts.)

Yes, Red, White & Blue is a chain — one that boasts 22 locations nationwide, including one in North Miami and another in Hialeah. But what RW&B lacks in local color it more than makes up in volume. To put it bluntly, Red, White & Blue is huge. As in seriously humongous. Here you'll find a wide range of clothing, as well as items ranging from furniture and fine china and couches to Coach bags and bicycles. The scope of the store's stock cannot be explored in a single 24-hour period — and truckloads of new arrivals are added daily. This is no best-kept secret, either: Lines are long. But it's worth the wait, especially if you're shopping for color day deals to snag additional discounts. Be advised that while North Miami's location accepts credit cards, Hialeah's is cash only. And those looking to narrow their horizons (as it were) should note that the Hialeah RW&B is conveniently located in Flamingo Plaza, which brims with thrift stores.

According to its official listing, the Pawn Shop is located on NW 36th Street in Allapattah. But a more apt description of this particular building's location would be that it is firmly situated on South Florida Postcard Fantasy Lane. With its endearingly gaudy exterior mural featuring an unearthed treasure chest, a parrot, and palm trees beckoning from a beachscape, it's just about impossible not to feel drawn into the place. The store is well-organized, and the hours — unlike those at many pawn storefronts — extend to 8 p.m. on weekdays, cognizant of the fact that a lot of people work 9 to 5. Prefer a remote pawn shopping experience? If you need a quote on the pawn side, give the Pawn Shop a call. And if you're the web browsing type, you can gander at a selection of the merch via

Imagine a scenario in which you get home from work and decide to investigate the pain you've been feeling in your throat all day. You take your phone's flashlight to the bathroom mirror and open wide, only to discover a Cronenberg-like scene back there involving your tonsils, uvula, and tongue. There's discoloration — ooze, even. You might have a fever, too. Of course, you can't know for sure because you don't own a thermometer, but you're sweating. So you drag yourself to the CVS MinuteClinic, where the nurse takes one look in your mouth and says you need an antibiotic or an exorcism and she isn't qualified to administer either. She sends you to the Baptist Health Urgent Care at Seventh Street and Alton Road. It is 9:30 p.m. They administer a big fat penicillin shot and prescribe a Z-Pak, which you purchase from a vending machine next to the checkout desk. You're in and out in the span of 30 minutes — no waiting around, minimal paperwork, no second stop at the pharmacy, and no priest or holy water needed.

Spend more time at the library! It really does not get any better than the wireless internet access and related services offered throughout the Miami-Dade Public Library system (MDPLS). At the main branch — as well as at any branch in the system —Wi-Fi access is offered free of charge and accessible on any of your personal devices. If you do not happen to have a personal device, you can use the library's computer services if you have a library card (which is also free). There are plenty of spots to settle in, maintain social distance, and immerse yourself in whatever it is you're doing. Not feeling being holed up inside with other humans just yet? Or maybe you're a little too far from the downtown digs of the main branch. At participating locations, you can avail yourself of the library system's wireless connection without going inside, no library card required. Call to see if your branch offers the service or look it up via; then park your car (or yourself) in a designated area and hook up to the Wi-Fi.

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