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Buying or selling real estate in Miami is challenging. The market fluctuates, and prices are insane. Just when you think you've found a place to live, a Russian oligarch or South American billionaire decides to purchase your apartment — and the entire condo building — as a gift for his or her parakeet. Don't get frustrated; just call Wes Pearce at 305-790-3331. With model good looks, Pearce could be in the cast of one of those Bravo shows. But he prefers to spend his time helping clients find the perfect home. He'll happily show you houses and even makes videos of the neighborhoods that are hidden values. And Pearce will walk you through the tedious process of getting a mortgage, inspection, and appraisal — right up until the time he drops the keys into your hand.

Courtesy of Steven Fett Architecture

Steven Fett is an architect, urban designer, and educator in Miami. Skillful, generous, and prompt, he has an office in downtown Miami that specializes in designing small to midsize residential, commercial, and civic architecture. He holds master's degrees in architecture and urban design from the University of Miami, where he also works as a lecturer and is loved by students for his friendly demeanor and sense of humor. He has built projects in Florida and other tropical locations such as Haiti. Recent designs include Lauderdale-by-the-Sea public plazas, Fashion Row in Hallandale Beach, Brickell Stage, Jungle House in Miami, and a Kellogg Foundation-sponsored sustainable village and learning community in Haiti.

There are all kinds of psychics in this city and a multiplicity of futures they're willing to sell you. But at the end of the day, there is only one true mago del futuro y del mundo místico: Walter Mercado. To call him a psychic is to call Picasso a painter — it's accurate, but it's also a grave understatement of his majestic talents. Mercado, who is also known as Shanti Ananda, which is Sanskrit for "peace happiness," has been one of the most famous and fabulous practitioners of the mystic arts for more than 50 years. The 86-year-old Puerto Rican wizard, who doesn't look a day over 60, is still as vibrant as ever. He remains a regular contributor to El Nuevo Herald through his daily horoscopes as well as his annual prediction videos, resplendent with rolling r's, feathery blond hair, and, most important, the timeless advice of Latin America's greatest astrologer. Sure, you could go to a dim parlor lit by neon and candles to have your future divined, but wouldn't you rather listen to the man who has been described by BuzzFeed as the Beyoncé of TV astrology and who does everything "con mucho, mucho amor"?

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