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Looking to cop a pair of those electric-blue-and-yellow "Entourage" LeBron 8 Nike kicks? Or maybe you've been saving to get your hands on those "Cool Grey" Air Jordan 11s? You could log on to eBay to find a rare pair of sneaks, or you could take a day trip to downtown Miami, where CJ Urban Wear serves up an exclusive selection of athletic shoes in Baskin-Robbins ice-cream colors. One wall features a time capsule dedicated to number 23's signature shoes from the time he entered the league as a Chicago Bull to his retirement in a Washington Wizards jersey. But you need Rick Ross money to shop at CJ's. Most shoes range from about $150 to $300 and max out at $1,350.
A model turned designer isn't exactly a new phenomenon. But when 21-year-old Anna Mixon started designing jewelry as a way to remain fashionable while earning a beginner model's wage, the hobby seemed unlikely to turn into a business. However, after Paramore frontwoman Haley Williams wore one of Mixon's pieces to the MTV Video Music Awards, the hand-crafted jewelry — Mixon by Anna Mixon — quickly gained a clientele looking for highly braggable, one-of-a-kind pieces. Mixon doesn't plan on slowing down either. Her signature swooping chains and gunmetal finish have complemented the designs of KRELwear and Nicole Miller and were the highlight of Fashion Week New Orleans this past March. Pieces, which run from a couple hundred dollars into the thousands, are available at Lace Nail & Beauty Lab in Miami Beach, or custom orders can be placed at
Karli Evans
They might as well call it Tattoo & Co. Body Art Gallery, because the professionals at this Westchester shop have mastered the crafts of tattooing and body piercing like it's nobody's business. They've been around since 2003, proudly (and safely) piercing Miami's counterculture one hole at a time. From Prince Alberts and hoods to nipples, nostrils, and navels, Tattoo & Co. is a one-stop destination for all things gnarly. Prices vary depending on the job, but expect to spend about $55 for a nose piercing. That includes jewelry, aftercare, and the sweet reward of freedom of expression.
Karli Evans
Like a glowing brick of kryptonite, the shop's slime-green paint job dominates the Bird Road landscape. And the work produced inside is unique as well. That's because artist/owner James Rossi and his staff are committed to drawing your idea instead of depending on the generic flash work that covers the walls of most tattoo shops. Rossi is a classically trained artist with a bachelor of fine arts degree and the ability to make your vision a reality. He is covered in ink and has great respect and appreciation for the art form. Describe your idea, and Rossi or one of his team members will take it from concept to completion as you approve every step along the way. The shop is clean, comfortable, and gallery-like, with art hanging on the walls. Rossi grew up in the area, and his neighborhood custom shop is a testament to delivering quality work at affordable prices to friends, neighbors, and visitors alike.
[Redacted] — one of Miami's most notorious graffiti artists, hounded by police investigators for two decades — is known to ink here, and his work on skin is as clean, vibrant, and creative as the rich "vandalism" he leaves on highway signs and abandoned buildings throughout three counties. The gallery where he works, which holds graffiti and photography exhibitions in a big, comfortable studio adjacent to the tattooing area, is what Wynwood is supposed to be all about: gritty in origins but polished in presentation. [Redacted] is indeed an artiste, a title that comes with all inherent flakiness, so getting a tattoo from him might require a bit of legwork and patience. And while we're guessing [Redacted] wouldn't want his tag printed here, mention this award when you stop by the gallery. We've dropped enough clues to get you started in the right direction.
Once upon a time, about 15 years ago, a young boy in a Pokemon T-shirt astounded those who came to have their fortunes told with his soothsaying abilities. The boy is all grown up now, and they still come from all over the city to have their futures divined in the seashells he tosses in the back storage room. But they also come for the extensive selection of merchandise: religious figurines, candles, potions, fresh herbs, ground egg shells, books for divination, and white shirts, pants, jackets, and hats (including kids' sizes) for that Santería ceremony you and the family plan to attend next week. This is truly one-stop shopping for all of your spiritual needs.
In a city where looking good is the norm and staying connected a necessity, the least a girl can do is keep her nails nicely done while multitasking. At NailBar & Beauty Lounge — a loft-like, minimalist space with comfy white pedicure chairs, iPod docks, and back massagers — a girl doesn't have to disconnect. While a nail technician trims your cuticles and rubs your feet with a fruit-scented scrub, sip champagne and catch up on the news — or Facebook — on one of the salon's iPads. Plus NailBar applies gel polish that will last your entire summer vacation. OK, maybe not, but it will last longer than your average manicure and pedicure. Nail treatments here don't come cheap — a mani-pedi combo will set you back $55 — but it's the price you pay for pampering and pretty nails and toes while multitasking.

Best Place to Get Your Nails Shellacked

DK Nails

We know you sometimes have issues with those Asian nail salons, but this one is worth visiting if you're in the market for a good shellacking. No, that's not a nickname for some kind of Middle Eastern torture. Sheesh. It's a type of polish and treatment that makes manicures last about two weeks without a chip. DK is the number one place to go because not only does it carry at least 50 shades and four brands, but also there's always a manicurist available to treat your claws with care. The place is open seven days a week, and walk-ins are welcome, so your life can now be nail-drama free. DK is clean, doesn't smell like chemicals, charges $30 for a mani, and even has ample metered parking. You're welcome.
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Nicole "Nikki" Gravitt wields her scissors and blow dryer like a pixie spreading magic dust with her wand through an enchanted realm. The petite, ginger-haired Tampa native is one of Miami's most sought-out hairstylists. She can credit her disarming smile, casual demeanor, and remarkable work ethic. Gravitt learned the mastery of hair color under the tutelege of Brickell's cutting-edge Toni & Guy Hairdressing. And she mastered hair cutting by attending weeklong Vidal Sassoon boot camps. "It's pretty intense," she says. "You do one model after another." Customers also find it easy coming back because of her bubbly, easy-going personality. And she's not pushy about up-selling hair products and services, either. You will find Gravitt at Anastasia Mochanov, an eclectic salon on the second floor of a MiMo-style building at NE 72nd Street and Biscayne Boulevard. The salon is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but you can request after-hours appointments.
OK, fine. Hello Kitty, appletinis, maxi pads, Lifetime movies, and wallpapering your home in Cathy comic strips are all things that are gag-worthy femme. But what if a gal wants to knock it down a notch and just be terribly girly? Well, Wynwood's Terribly Girly, a funky little photography studio that looks like a colorful mess of cool-chick chic, will support that desire like a great strapless bra. That's because the all-pussy-processing posse at TG specializes in pin-up portraits that will transform you from a Hialeah hottie into a straight-up boudoir bombshell. Start with a vintage makeover by a glam squad that consists of a makeup artist extraordinaire, a stylist who moonlights as a burlesque costume designer and performer (Aurora Natrix of Shameless Burlesque), and a hair sculptress who will finger-wave you into one fabulous female. Then end with a photography session with tattooed cutie, owner, and de facto leader Janette Valentine, who will snap and edit photos that are sure to flaunt your natural beauty. Or, at the very least, serve as some bad-ass profile pictures for your account.

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