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Best Of Miami® 2011

Don't be a deadbeat. Miami is rising up again after some rough times, and there's plenty to do in the Magic City. We've dug up 345 of the best restaurants, hottest clubs, most delightful diversions, and top places to eat, dance, and shop till you drop dead as a zombie, which happens to be our theme this year.

Need a weekend getaway? Go ghost hunting in Key West, where you'll meet plenty of spirits, such as Robert the Doll, that refuse to leave our earthly plane. Or if you hunger for a tasty bit of dead flesh, find Dim Ssäm à GoGo -- our pick for best food truck -- roaming the city streets.

Want to help keep the Best Endangered Venue to Beat the Extinct List alive? Head to Transit Lounge, which is still up and running after reports of its demise were greatly exaggerated. Then, after all those brushes with death, visit Botanica Yemaya & Chango, where you can pick up some rompe saragüey for a good despojo before hitting the streets again. You never know when you might hit a dead end.

Best Of Miami®

Best Of Miami®