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Best Of Miami® 2006

L-a-a-a-adies and g-e-e-e-entlemen, in this corner, weighing more pounds that we care to disclose, is the unchallenged champeen of the subtropical world. It’s an enormous chunk of newsprint that includes more than 400 of the region’s most inspiring treats.

There’s the highbrow -- Mark’s South Beach is the best restaurant in South Beach, and Martini Bar in South Miami is the best new bar. And there are some exotic surprises: Club Típico Dominicano on NW 36th Street is the best Latin club, Bagua on NE Second Avenue is the best Zen gift shop, and the recent confrontation in which a python swallowed an alligator and then exploded is our best reptilian death match.

Fans answered our call, informing us La Carreta is the best place to get Cuban coffee, and Space is the best dance club. Also according to our Readers’ Poll, Best Spa/Salon was the best category we didn’t ask. (A place called Myra & Company was the suggested winner, but we can’t say whether the clients and owners made the nomination.)

So now we clang the bell. You can take on this monster, wrestle it to the ground, and see just what you think of our choices.

Best Of Miami®

Best Of Miami®