Your Distortional Family

This weekend's International Noise Conference at Churchill's Pub is one of the very few places that a 21-year-old lover of weird and experimental music can take both his 38-year-old trip-hopper dad and 55-year-old ex-punk grandmother for fun, drinks, and 100 live bands. Honestly, potential INC attendees don't have to be young, sexy, rich, well dressed, or even dressed at all. The only requirements are ears, a love of adventure, and the ability to hold a 30-pound amp aloft for five seconds before smashing it to the floor.

So this Friday, bring the whole family to local legend Rat Bastard's all-embracing, come-as-you-are festival of aural freakiness. Among the throng scheduled to play, Laundry Room Squelchers, Dino Felipe, and Curious Hair will rep the 305, while visitors such as Sarasota's Skeleton Warrior, Nashville's Lazy Magnet, and Chicago's Stress Ape will lend the scene some exoticism. Then, of course, Dad and Grandma will be there too, smashing amps.
Fri., Feb. 12, 9 p.m., 2010
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S. Pajot