Wynwood Shopping Guide: The 13 New Stores in the Neighborhood

As galleries make their way out of the Wynwood Arts District, plenty of new retail stores are setting up shop. A leisurely stroll along NW Second Avenue proves Wynwood is quickly becoming a new shopping district. Most boutiques moved in earlier this year — especially with the addition of Wynwood Block — while some have been around for nearly two years. 

Here's our roundup of all the fashion-forward stores now open in Wynwood:

MVM Miami
175 NW 23rd St.
This chic store has been around the neighborhood for about two years. It seems that MVM is always ahead of the trend. 

Marine Layer
217 NW 25th St.
East Coast meets West Coast with the new Marine Layer store, which brings custom fabrics and soft knits made in California to this neck of the woods.

Italia Independent 
2649 NW Second Ave.
Where else can you buy sunglasses, prescription eyewear, and clothes all in one stop?

Nomad Tribe
2301 NW Second Ave.
This earthy boutique has been opened for a month, and not only does it sell clothes by local designers, but it also features local artist activations. With everything its does, Nomad Tribe strives for social impact — be it through fashion or art. 

Boho Hunter
184 NW 27th St.
One of the stores within the Wynwood Block, Boho Hunter has been opened since this past February. 

Wynwood Shades
2621 NW Second Ave.
You can never have too many eyeglass options on one street. 

2347 NW Second Ave.
Sorry, ladies, the men's store Basico features only the chicest European designers mixed with a rustic decor in its Wywnood location. 

Marie Saint Pierre
2311 NW Second Ave.
The French are so painfully stylish, and the new Marie Saint Pierre boutique is no exception. Can you say tres chic

Mimo Market
2621 NW Second Ave.
If the clothes don't lure you in, the two storefront mannequins with fuzzy bear heads will. 

Noa Wynwood
2200 NW Second Ave.
For all of your stylish Swiss timepiece needs, Noa offers a selection of top-of-the-line watches displayed in glass cases underneath some wall art. It's an art gallery and watch store all in one. The store opened to the public in October. 

2369 NW Second Ave.
The Italian eyewear and handbag store has been hiding in plain sight across Panther Coffee since July. 

D Koncept
2085 NW Second Ave.
Featuring a wall tapestry by French-Canadian artist Carlito Dalceggio, D Koncept has always been on the cutting edge of fashion, offering primarily French designs in its Wywnood boutique. 

Warby Parker
215 NW 25th St.
The socially conscious eyewear company that started with only an online store now has boutiques in cities such as New York, Boston, San Francisco, and, as of this past March, Miami. 
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Carolina del Busto is a freelance writer for Miami New Times. She nurtured her love of words at Boston College before moving back home to Miami and has been covering arts and culture in the Magic City since 2013.