Will Ballbusting Make Me Sterile?

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Dear Mistress Lera,

I've been in a loving relationship for over three years now. I've always had a thing for my balls being slapped around. My girlfriend loves it as well. I just wanted to know, even though I do enjoy it, and it isn't extremely hard (although she can really have at 'em), is there a risk of permanent damage? I've heard that this practice is something that can render you sterile, and we definitely don't want that. Since we heard that, we pretty much refrained from anything of the sort. I just wanted to hear what someone with more experience might think.

—Ball Buster

Dear Ball Buster,

Take two large eggs and tap them repeatedly with a spoon. You will see that eventually the eggs with crack. Same thing with your balls: You hit them too hard and for too long and you will damage them. There's always that risk of seriously hurting yourself, as with anything in BDSM.

Stanford University study shows that smoking, constantly doing drugs, drinking booze, tight underwear, and exposure to environmental hazards are most likely to cause infertility in men. Sucks to be a male, eh? But don't worry. In your case, a light practice of ballbusting is not going to render you sterile.

However, there are other risks that you should be aware of. There are many cases all around the world where men actually died from their balls being squeezed too hard. In 1995, in New Guinea, two women were charged with manslaughter because they squeezed their husbands' testicles too hard. The severe pain caused neurogenic shock, which resulted in death.

So please, be careful. Especially if you are new to CBT and ballbusting. Do not, and I repeat NOT put a lot of pressure on your testicles. I see no point in dying over some kink or fetish. If you are a big pain slut, and enjoy your nuts being tortured, tell your girlfriend to play with your scrotum instead of testicles directly. It is much safer and hurts like a bitch as well. She can pinch it, put clothespins on it, and do all sorts of stuff without seriously damaging your manhood.

But before you try anything, your best bet is to see a professional domme in your area. A good dominatrix will show you how to bust your balls safely and properly.

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Lera Gavin