Topshop and Topman Pop-Up In Miami: The Best and Worst Looks On Sale

Just in time for London Fashion Week, Miami got a whole lot more fashionable with our very own Topshop and Topman. Through a partnership with Nordstrom, the two British brands have set up shop at 14 Nordstrom stores throughout the nation -- one of which is the Nordstrom at Dadeland Mall. The good news? It's a permanent gig.

Sometimes you just want some high-quality, on-trend pieces in your wardrobe. That's when Topshop and Topman come in. As the go-to place for high-street apparel and accessories, Topshop or Topman will fill that void in your closet that not even Zara or H&M can fulfill.

On Saturday, the store celebrated its grand opening with a shopping party that included beats spun by DJ Jessica Who and trays upon trays of Champagne. We stopped by to scope out the merchandise and do some intense investigating with our credit cards. Here's everything you should know, from items you need in your closet right now, to those we could really do without.

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Topshop 101

Topshop is located on the second floor at Nordstrom near the BP section. It's a decent-sized set up -- you'll probably fool yourself into thinking you're actually shopping at an actual Topshop store instead of at Nordstrom.

The items will not be replenished, which means that if you see something you like and you really must have it, grab it before it's gone.

What We Loved:

This black studded biker jacket comes in at $130. The look and feel of it fooled us into thinking it was real leather, but a look at the clothing tag and you'll see it it's actually 100 percent polyurethane. If you're looking for a leather jacket look that won't break the bank, here is your winner.

These brogues will set you back $104, but they'll add the right touch of menswear-chic to any outfit.

This studded heart bag is too cute for words and you can snag it for $70.

What We Hated:

Apparently Topshop didn't get the memo that it's, um, always hot in Miami. Most of the the inventory consisted of wool sweaters and knits, grungey flannel shirts, and jackets, some with fur collars (seen above). We'd like to wear it all, of course, but not in this climate.

Some will argue that grandma-chic is a thing (i.e. Alexa Chung), but at $110, this dress just doesn't cut it. If you're actually going for this look, it's probably wiser to head over to Goodwill.

Topman 101

There's plenty of stuff for the guys, too -- but we had a really hard time picturing the average Miami dude wearing any of the items. (Let's be real, a lot of Miami's men could enlist the help of TLC's What Not to Wear). Fellas, if you're looking to switch things up and happen to have a wad cash lying around, start at Topman.

Topman is a one-stop-shop for all things dapper. Suit pants start at $75 and suit jackets are in the $200 range.

What We Loved:

At $230, this jacket is pricey, but women will swoon over the professor Johnny Cash look. That's a promise.

Man bags galore!

You can get these boots for 85 bucks. Why men's shoes are always cheaper the women's shoes will forever remain the most sexist injustice.

What We Hated:

Again, why would anyone pay to look like a grandparent? Unless you are, in fact, a grandpa, just say no to Chirstmasy wool sweaters.

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