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The Real Housewives of Miami's Season Three Trailer, Premiere Date, and World War Z Cameo

The Real Housewives of Miami are back, and in more ways than one. As if two seasons of the self-obsessed ladies was not enough, right?

Yesterday, the ladies unleashed a media blitz on the world every bit as powerful as World War Z's zombie takeover, with a new trailer and premiere date for their upcoming season as well as responding to their surprise appearance in Brad Pitt's latest movie.

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The Bravo stars (if you can call them that), Marysol Patton and mama Elsa Patton, make a flashy cameo in the opening montage of the movie World War Z. Guess the Pattons are important enough to make it to Brad Pitt's zombie movie, where they appear among other personalities.

According to the Miami Herald, Marysol said she "called mom to tell her and she said, 'Of course, we are. He loves me.' The 'he' she was referring to is Brad Pitt. She's so nutty." Somebody please put Mama Elsa and Brad Pitt in the same room. And bring a camera.

Since the world can't get enough of the dramatic, drunk divas, the season 3 trailer is out. Beware: it's still as dramatic and as fake as ever. But this time around we can expect two bridezillas and a little cast-member shake up.

Marysol Patton and Ana Quincoces have been ranked down to recurring roles while the other ladies remain full-time cast members. Karent Sierra, who showed off her pearly whites in her too-smiley Season 2 finale act, will not be returning to Season 3 of the fake Real Housewives of Miami.

What else can we expect? Well, Lisa will continue battling her fertility issues, having fake boobs, and blah blah blah. We get it Lisa, you want a baby. Props to you, girl; you've got perseverance. (Just ask the Miami Design Preservation League.)

As for Joanna Krupa and Adriana de Moura, the brides-to-be plan their weddings, AKA bitch-slapping, cat fighting action. Alexia Echevarria continues to be a mommy-nurse, and Lea Black tries to be more than just a housewife (wonder how that's going to work out for her). And it sounds like someone was not invited to Joanna's wedding...uh oh.

Let's be honest, we love the Miami accents...and Mama Elsa. She's a national treasure. I guess we can say we're a bit excited about the hopefully-not-so-lousy Season 3. Bring it, bridezillas and pompouszillas. We are ready.

RHOM's Season 3 premieres on Monday, August 12, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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