The Fashion Institute of Miami Dade College Brings Top-Quality Education to the Masses

Fashion lovers seeking quality design education can now get the knowledge they're looking for without colossal fees thanks to Miami Dade College's Fashion Institute, a program under the School of Continuing Education & Professional Development.

The non-credit program was created by fashion designer Rucht D'Oleo, an experienced desiger who's achieved success in both her home country of the Dominican Republic and right here in Miami.

D'Oleo's has more than made her mark on the city. She's gained the key to Miami Dade County, as well as had her designs featured in the Miami Herald, the Biscayne Times, NBCMiami.com, Aventura Magazine, Florida International Magazine, and DailyCandy.com. She's appeared on The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, has shown at 2008's FUNKSHION Fashion Week (where she won the award for Best Emerging Designer) and 2009's Republica Dominicana Fashion Week, and more. D'Oleo is also the writer of the first Spanish-language fashion textbook, El Negocio de la Moda.

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With her 17-year experience in the fashion design industry and impressive accolades, it's unsurprising that people come to D'Oleo for help.

"As a fashion designer, a lot of people come to me to know how they can learn to sew," said D'Oleo. That desire for fashion and sewing guidance, coupled with the limited resources most people have for sewing and design classes, led her to create the Miami Dade College Fashion Institute.

"[Classes] can be pricey," she said, noting that traditional college courses might not be flexible enough for those with existing careers. "[The Fashion Institute] gives you the option to work and learn, and it's not even close to being as expensive as [other fashion courses]."

The Fashion Institute provides flexibility to working students with evening and weekend classes teaching everything from sewing to fashion design, pattern making, textiles and draping. The classes bring fashion's top professionals into the classroom, effectively educating home sewers, hobbyists, and die-hard fashionistas alike towards starting their own line.

There are two spring terms--Spring A, which offers three courses and Spring B, offering six. The Spring B term is open for registration until March 15. Register at Miami Dade College's North Campus. You can also register by phone or fax. Call 305-237-1019 or fax 305-237-1055.

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