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Texas Chainsaw 3D's Alexandra Daddario Hates Chainsaws, Loves Dirk Diggler's Diggler

Even with all the guts, chainsaws, and shapely rumps thrust in the audience's face during Texas Chainsaw 3D, the film could have very nearly taken on a wholly different tone. The effects were so realistic, according to star Alexandra Daddario, because "they were the same special effects [used by] people who made the fake penis that Mark Wahlberg wears at the end of Boogie Nights, which I thought was pretty cool and sort of solidifies them in cinematic history."

Alas, in this latest Chainsaw go around, out today, Leatherface does not limp after anyone while waving a gas-powered "Diggler" over his head. "I think the material deteriorates and you can't exactly keep this type of stuff," Daddorio told Cultist, speaking of the prosthetic and not of the Texas Chainsaw series. As such, Daddorio did not ask the special effects team to craft any long-desired extra body parts. Not that she's opposed to body modification.

"I mean, if you were part bionic, that would be pretty cool," she told us. "An arm that was extra strong or something. Some people are bionic. They make some pretty cool prosthetics as far as medical goes."

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