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Ten Reasons to See Elvis' Clambake, the Most Awesomely Awful Movie Ever Made in Miami

There's camp, and then there's camp: pop culture so awesomely awful that it ends up being just, well, awesome. Many of Elvis Presley's flicks fall into the aforementioned category (ok, all), but the campiest by far is Clambake, a 1967 Miami beach movie encompassing erudite themes like the science of boat resin, love vs. money and the importance of confidence.

The flick is being screened Sunday at the Coral Gables Museum, and this cheesy classic is your perfect respite from holiday hell. From the sophisticated theme song lyrics "Clambake, gonna have a clambake" to Elvis' green screen waterskiing moves, here are all the reasons why this is the best movie you've never seen.

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