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Six Movies That Will Make Grown Men Cry

For men, crying is an activity best performed after a death, a championship loss, or in the shower listening to Dido after learning the Arrested Development movie is a no-go. Prior to the pussification of the West, which began mere minutes after whatever Mad Men's cancellation date is set as, boys were brought up being taught that crying is the domain of women and Native Americans. However, now we know better. We know that crying is a good way to balance the shame caused by masturbation.

Many movies contain sad scenes or are even based on an entire premise that can make a man shed some tears. When Goose dies in Top Gun, taking Anthony Edwards's hairline with him, men were inconsolable for a while. Then in Rudy, when Rudy got to play, onions were being sliced indiscriminately. Bambi! Simba! Ugh. So, yes, plenty of sad movies exist, but we're picking the best. The following six movies will make it rain on your face, but they also happen to be very good films.

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