Real Housewives of Miami's Season Three: No Karent Sierra, Less Marysol Patton

The next season of Real Housewives of Miami is going to be a lot less toothy.

Dr. Karent Sierra, the dentist who smiled relentlessly through season two of the show, has declared that her first Real Housewives experience will also be her last, RumorFix reports.

Sierra told Real Mr. Housewife that she chose to leave the show to focus on new TV projects. The dentist has racked up several extracurricular promotional gigs in recent months, including an episode of the TV show The Doctors.

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Sierra also alluded to Real Housewives' mean girls, saying "there's only so much cattiness one could deal with." Makes sense on the surface; as plenty of recaps put it last year, "Everybody hates Dr. Karent Sierra."

The timing is surprising, however, given reports that Sierra is in foreclosure on two Miami properties, with debts of $660,000. These new TV shows better pay big!

Real Mr. Housewife also reports that Marysol Patton, who's been a Miami Real Housewife since the show's first season, will be taking a step away from the show -- more of a "friend of the housewives" than a Housewife herself. There's no official word on whether Patton's mother, the genuinely entertaining Mama Elsa, will change roles on the show as well.

In fact, there's been no official word from Bravo about season three of Real Housewives of Miami at all. A spokesperson quietly confirmed that there will be a third season of the show to the Miami Herald earlier this month, and its producers, Purveyors of Pop, tweeted about preparing for filming about a week ago. But we haven't seen the usual official announcements, press releases, etc., that typically come with new season announcements. What gives, Bravo?

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