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Real Housewives' Adriana de Moura Tells Us What Went Wrong in Season One

As a proud Miami resident, It's hard to watch Bravo without feeling a little bitter. Why do Beverly Hills and Atlanta housewives get all the fame and glory, while our own tv series chronicling the lives of the Magic City's wealthy, catfight-y ladies was nearly canceled due to low ratings?

Well, we have good news. According to Real Housewives of Miami star Adriana de Moura, it's finally our time to shine.

Even if you aren't a pop culture junkie like ourselves, you probably heard that the 305's ratings were less than stellar in Housewives' first season. People asked, "Where's the heat?" after the franchise averaged only a fraction of the ratings of Bravo's more successful cities. But with a new production team and the addition of a couple of new wives, things seem to be looking up for our ladies.

While nothing has been confirmed, the rumors on the street are that Lisa Hochstein, the wife of plastic surgeon Lenny (who himself starred in the short-lived Bravo version of Nip/Tuck called Miami Slice) is officially in. Joanna Krupa (of Dancing With The Stars and fiancé to club owner Romain Zago) has also been seen filming with the ladies multiple times. And even though Zago wouldn't let the Jersey Shore cast inside his club, he appears to feel just fine about his future wifey stirring up drama inside of Mynt Lounge. Here is what an "insider" told the Miami Herald:

"Joanna Krupa stood in front of the DJ's booth, flipping him birds and cursing him out. Apparently the DJ had a rough break-up last year with Joanna's sister. Romain ripped off his mic and stormed outside to try to cool off."
The more drama, the better we always say. So to officially get caught up with what is going to go down during season two, we chatted with Adriana de Moura at the OMIC Skincare launch at the Miami Beach Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa. Per usual, she didn't hold back.

Cultist: Have you started filming the second season yet?
Adriana de Moura: Yes, yes we have. We have been filming for a couple of weeks now. It's going great.

It's safe to say Real Housewives of Miami wasn't well received. Is season two going to be different?
I think so. The producers are amazing. I think we are in for the best season yet.

Was there a part of you that thought a season two wasn't going to happen?
No, I always knew we would come back. Miami is such a destination that everyone wants to be a part of. We just needed the right elements to make it right. I knew given the right direction, right people and support, it was going to be a home run.

What went wrong the first time?
It was different things. I don't want to point fingers. I think there were two people that ruined our chemistry. When people are dampers, it's hard to make things happen. They affected the whole season.

The best part of season one was definitely the reunion.
(Laughs) Yeah, I heard that from a lot of fans. I am as real as they come. At the reunion, I was just fed up. People just sat around, criticized and just brought the whole season down. I don't deal with that whole mean girl, high school attitude. If you are going to criticize, at least bring it.

I hear you have a few new castmates.
Yes, I do, but I can't say much. We have a handful of new girls. Let's say, more than two, less than five.

Can we expect a wedding for you this season?
No, that's a lot of work.

Still glad you did the show in the first place?
Of course! It has been a great experience. I am proud to be a part of it. We had half of Miami trying to get on this show after season one. It made me realize how special this show was. I mean, it's a national franchise.

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