Prancercise Lady Joanna Rohrback Presents John Mayer's New Song (VIDEO)

Internet fame is a fleeting thing. One minute, you're doing the Harlem Shake on computer screens across the world. And the next, you're as old news as that finger-biting kid Charlie.

But Coral Springs Prancercise lady Joanna Rohrback has more staying power than most, thanks to a little help from her friends. Most notably, John Mayer.

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The lyric video for Mayer's new single, "Paper Doll" begins with a title card that reads "Advanced Prancercize." As Rohrback, guest starring in the video, explains, this version of everyone's favorite horsey workout is more of a smooth jam -- a "romancercise," if you will.

So now, instead of the cheesy free-use porno tunes of the original Prancercise video, you have the pleasure of watching Joanna Rohrback prancercise to John Mayer lyrics like "Paper doll come try it on / and step out of that black chiffon."

Don't worry -- Rohrback stays fully clothed, all the way down to the ankle weights.

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