Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson
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Pamela Anderson on Playboy, Protecting Animals, and Spending NYE in Miami

Pamela Anderson is many things: an actress, a model, a mother, a tireless animal advocate. Now, she's even a fashion designer who released two lines of vegan accessories earlier this year: one, a '90s-inspired shoe line with French designer Amélie Pichard; the other, a line of cruelty-free, suede-like boots dubbed Pammies. The advocate has also started her own cooking show.

In addition to her noble efforts, Anderson will forever be immortalized by fans as the perky C.J. Parker from Baywatch, and one of Hugh Hefner's playmate babes. This month, the actress appeared on the cover of Playboy — her 14th cover and 15th pictorial for the magazine — and became the last nude centerfold model. Like ever. Back in October, the iconic magazine announced they will no longer be featuring fully nude models in its pages and when it came to pick one lady for the final honor, it was unanimously Anderson. 

"To close out this era in the magazine’s history, it only made sense to put the most famous Playmate in Playboy history on the cover: Pamela Anderson,” staff wrote on the Playboy website earlier this month.  

Lucky for Miamians, Anderson is taking time out of her crazy schedule to spend NYE with us. She is hosting a party at Viceroy Miami's rooftop Fifty Ultra Lounge, and proceeds will benefit her philanthropic work through the Pamela Anderson Foundation. Ahead of her appearance, New Times spoke to Anderson on her love for Miami, the end of an era, and why animals are everything. 

New Times: How does it feel to be Playboy's last nude cover?
Pamela Anderson: It seems surreal. Is it really over? I just can't imagine life without the secret world of Playmates. It was like going to university for me. Out of high school to the Playboy mansion. I learned from the best. Art, culture, politics, music, film, sex. It must be hard for Hef to see this turn — but I can see why too. The girl next door doesn't exist anymore. Obsessed with selfies. Overexposure. Mystery, voyeurism has taken a darker turn on the internet. Desensitization is scary. Scary for us girls who love to be in love. And love every morsel of our beings. But not twisted enough to endure. I don't know about this. It is the end of an era. Now we really need more sensuality than ever. Compassion. It was wild and sexy but still innocent. So many memories. No one, nothing compares. When we lose Hef, we lose it all. I love him so much. The here and now feels frozen. A time machine — someone must invent it.

You've done a lot of modeling to benefit PETA and in support of animals — why are you so passionate about the cause?
I love vulnerable beings, I am blessed to have the platform I have to speak up for the voiceless. In my 20 years of activism, I have learned so much. I will fight till the end for everyone who needs me, my family, the whales, the seals, the polar bears, climate change, deforestation, the oceans, children, women, and men.

As part of your work with the Pamela Anderson Foundation, you say that human, animal, and environmental rights are all connected. Can you elaborate on why that's the case?
As I was working hard trying to find more habitat for wildlife, I realized what an impact deforestation has. In Haiti [and] Honduras, where I was planting trees, for instance, birds do not like to fly over barren spaces. It is all connected. I like to plant trees every year. My kids are coming next time. Inga Foundation and Cool Earth are wonderful organizations. PETA and Sea Shepherd. A lot of people have good intentions. I align my foundation with people that I know are effective and risk their lives and their freedom for the greater good of us all. We must burst the bubble. It can't continue this way, especially in such blessed areas. We need to give back.

What made you choose to spend NYE in Miami at Fifty?
A generous donation to the Pamela Anderson Foundation, fun with friends. Plus, I love Miami and I think that Fifty Ultra Lounge will be a fun spot to bring in the new year. The view should be amazing 50 floors up — all my friends from Miami are excited to come.

This year, 2015, has been a big year for you with the launch of The Sensual Vegan and your new accessory line. What are you looking forward to for 2016?
It’s been a lot of work this last year. Getting my vegan shoe line with Amelie Pichard off the ground, and my labor of love pammieslife.com. I have been traveling a lot, and my kids are growing so fast. Milestones all around me. I can't miss a moment of this. Truly an exciting time for all of us. 

Pamela Anderson at Fifty Ultra Lounge for NYE
The party kicks off at 9 p.m. on Thursday, December 31, at Fifty Ultra Lounge, the Viceroy Miami. For more information on the NYE party and to make reservations, visit fiftymiami.com. General admission starts at $100 per person; VIP tables start at $700 for up to four guests. Tax and service charge is additional. Proceeds will benefit the Pamela Anderson Foundation. 

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