NBA Girlfriend Faith Rein Talks Basketball Wives: "I Would Never" (Video)

Chris Riley, AKA the Miami Heat President's wife, said being a basketball wife is harder than being an actual player. Well, if that's true, we wonder what its like to be a basketball girlfriend. Maybe it's like the saying, "all guts, no glory." You get the money and fame but no ring that makes you official. Or it's like Oprah, who thinks all that married crap is for the birds? One person who knows so very much about this subject has to be Udonis Haslem's girlfriend, Faith Rein.

Rein's boo Haslem isn't one of the "dream team," but he is a pretty big deal, especially here in Florida. He was born and raised in the 305 and helped the University of Florida win the NCAA Championship game his sophomore year of college. Oh and he helped Miami Heat when the NBA championship in 2006.

And through all his success (and a drug arrest in 2010) he has never wifeyed up his baby mama Rein. And while she might only be a girlfriend, she is a little bit more legit than the ladies on Basketball Wives. Mainly because they have been together since they were both athletes at Florida, so she loved him way before the money showed up. Last week, we got the chance to ask her what she thought of the ladies on VH1 or if she would ever do the show. After a little hesitation, she told us her real thoughts.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.