Moves That Want to Talk

Dancer and performance artist Carlota Pradera is a native of Spain who now lives in Miami. She explores what touch means in many of its forms: How does one touch one’s homeland and culture from so far away? How do humans touch one another when emotionally or geographically close, like friends and lovers or like neighbors who barely know one another? Her latest creative enterprise to delve into this subject is Bare Bones, presented at the Miami Theater Center (9806 NE Second Ave., Miami Shores) for a three-weekend run this Friday and Saturday through June 28. The performance is the last in this season of the inaugural Sandbox Series, a commissioned program that has given individual artists a five-week residency to work on experimental pieces in theater, music, and dance, to end with a couple of weeks of presentation to the public. Bare Bones lays bare the complexities of political, cultural and personal relationships. Pradera invited film artist Juan Carlos Zaldivar to be artistic director and provide a video backdrop, exciting choreographer Alexey Taran to help with lighting to create the setting, and sound-music artist Juraj Kojs to make an original live soundtrack. This multidisciplinary work is a strong finale to season one of Sandbox.
June 13-28, 2014
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