Modern Drunkard

He hasn’t filmed any new episodes of Comedy Central’s Insomniac with Dave Attell for a few years, but the titular stand-up comedian/fall-down drunk somehow manages to pass the time. In 2005, for example, not only did Dave Attell release his first live DVD, Hey, Your Mouth’s Not Pregnant; appear in the short film The Office Party with Jon Stewart, Tate Donovan, and Ralph Macchio(!); and headline the three-month, 40-plus city, all-around enormous Insomniac tour that culminated in a two-night Vegas stand with comedic heat-seeker Dane Cook, but Attell also achieved a long-time goal of performing on a USO Tour for troops stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and other Middle Eastern hot spots.

Now that he’s home safe and semisound, comedy’s most notorious night owl will get down and dirty at the Miami Improv (3390 Mary St., Coconut Grove) tonight through Thursday, January 19. Although he’s using all-new material since releasing the 2003 CD, Skanks for the Memories, Attell still takes pride in riffing on his four comedic staples of drinking, sex, dwarfs, and more drinking, so make sure Granny is pro profligate before reserving her a ticket.

Can’t stay out late on a school night? You’re a pussy and don’t deserve to see Dave live and imbibed anyway. But lucky for you, the Insomniac Vegas special will be out on DVD in April. A constant flow of Jägermeister shots to the stage, however, will not be included in the extras.
Jan. 16-19
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Julie Seabaugh
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