Mizu Con Brings Anime Culture to Hyatt Regency in Downtown This Friday

Mizu Con, which we mistakenly thought was named after a soup, hits Miami this Friday. The anime convention will feature vendors, costume contests, panels, gaming rooms, and artist areas displaying Japanese artwork.

Local groups will also perform, including Urban Ronin, a local stunt performance troupe, which will be put on an anime-centric stunt show called Animythbusters. The show is a comedic stunt show and features Urban Ronin members playing popular anime characters. We chatted with Charity Sapphire (her real name), one of the performers starring in the show. So put on your Sailor Moon or Masatora Uesugi costume and get ready for a weekend of cat ears, raccoon tails, and God knows what else. Follow the jump for our Q&A with Sapphire.

New Times: What will you be doing at Mizu Con this year?
Charity Sapphire: I will be performing in a stunt-fighting/comedy show. I'm part of the Urban Ronin stunt group performing a show called Animythbusters.

How did you get involved with the performance?
Urban Ronin is a stunt-fighting group that performs at anime conventions and other events. We're performing a half-hour show at Mizu Con. I got involved with Urban Ronin through word of mouth, and after months of working hard and learning a lot, they cast me in their show.

Tell us a little about the show.
We're all dressing up as popular anime characters. For example, we have Dr. Stein and Marie from Soul Eater as narrators, Toph and Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and other characters make appearances as well. The show is called Animythbusters. Some of the popular anime and anime convention myths like "Does skimpy armor really offer better protection?" and "Can nerdy fanboys pick up hot cosplay chicks?" will be challenged. After the challenges, we tell the audience whether the myth has been confirmed or denied. Lots of humor, lots of popular anime references, loads of violence, and some fan service can be expected.

If it weren't because you were performing at Mizu Con, would you still be attending?
My boyfriend and his friends always go to these conventions, so I've been getting into the whole scene through them. Considering that Mizu Con is in downtown and therefore close to my house, I definitely would have gone for at least a day. But since we are performing, all of us will be there from open to close all three days.

What are some of your favorite animes?
I love Soul Eater. I will be cosplaying as Medusa this year since my boyfriend is cosplaying as Stein. I love girl-power stuff like Sailor Moon and most recently Murder Princess.

What do you think attracts people to cons such as Mizu Con?
People love the vendors. You can buy really great artwork or unique clothing (I bought a fox hat at the last con). There's also tons of collectibles from popular animes and even the weapons of your favorite characters, tons of stuff. I wish cons would provide more entertainment like what Urban Ronin does. If I weren't performing, I would totally watch the show.

What do you personally get out of attending cons?
I go for the unique things to buy. At Mega Con I bought myself a pink and white princess-looking dress, and everyone wonders where I got it because it's so unique.

The Fourth Annual Mizu Con runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Otakus can get their anime fix at the Hyatt Regency Miami (400 SE Second Ave., Miami). One-day passes cost $15 to $25. Multiday passes cost $30 to $40. Visit mizucon.org or eventbrite.com.

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