Million Dollar Listing Miami: Bravo Announces South Florida Spin-Off of Its Popular Series

South Florida housing prices are on the rise -- Miami-Dade home prices have risen 18 percent since this time last year. Depending on whether you own or are looking to buy, that's either a really good or really bad thing.

If you're a reality TV producer for the Bravo network, on the other hand, it's just another opportunity for a spin-off.

The fluffy reality TV-heavy network will add another Miami franchise to its lineup with Million Dollar Listing Miami, a spinoff of the popular series based in New York and Los Angeles.

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"Our new series will showcase the sexy city where top luxury agents battle it out in the world of high-end real estate," Bravo's announcement states. Oh good, another reality TV show about the lives of rich Miamians. And from the network that brought you the Real Housewives series, no less.

Million Dollar Listing first focused on Los Angeles and proved to be so popular that it earned a spinoff set in New York. The show follows high-end real estate agents as they struggle and succeed in selling homes fit for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The Miami cast and a premiere date have not yet been announced.

Common "plots" on the New York and LA series have hinged on the economic downturn, which made ultra-luxe homes more difficult for the one percent to afford. With Miami's housing market on the upswing, however, Million Dollar Listing Miami might just be a festival of crazy rich people spending crazy amounts of money on crazy homes that they'll only live in for three months out of the year. Sounds about right.

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