Miami Fashion Blogger Steffy on Vintage Looks, Full-Time Blogging, and Spring Style

Stefanie Kuncman, AKA Steffy, is the head and heart behind the blog Steffy's Pros & Cons. Every other day, you can see Steffy on her online diary where she posts her vintage up-dos. It's a sort of fashion directory, telling you where to get all the fashion relics she's wearing -- some from random treasure spots around Miami, and others in her own store, Tea & Tulips. And she's doing Miami proud, having been featured by Lucky, Teen Vogue, and MTV Style.

We met with the vintage connoisseur at Cafe Demetrio, a hidden gem on Miracle Mile where Steffy often wanders around. Here's what she has to say about her fashion profession.

New Times: How did you get bitten by the fashion bug?
Steffy: I have always just loved to feel like I was unique, and having my own personal style is a big part of feeling that way.

Where did the obsession with vintage come from?
It started back in high school. An old friend introduced me to a local thrift store and I was hooked.

You've lived in very different climates, colors, and cities. After Miami, what comes next?

New York someday! My goal in life is to buy a house on the beach in

Long Beach, New York. I sort of grew up there and know I will one day move


Where, when, and why did you decide to be a fashion blogger?

wasn't really such a definite decision. It wasn't like, "Today I am a

fashion blogger!" ... I just started to post pictures of my outfits

because I love documenting them and capturing my daily life, and

eventually it just went down the path of becoming a fashion-focused


What's the perfect recipe to keep a blog successful?

always try to keep my photographs professional, and stay on a posting

schedule. I never take a "break" or get lazy about posting. It's fun to


How do you manage to have time to update it, take the photos... Is it a full-time job?

doesn't take much time for me. Usually we [my boyfriend and I] just

take the outfit photos during our everyday life when we're spending

time together, so it sort of blends in. Running my store is another


Is being a fashion blogger a profession?
I don't think

I am the right person to ask this to! I have always been raised

believing that working for "the man" is the right way to make money, but

as I get older I realize there are many different ways to make a living,

and fashion blogging is 100 percent one of them.

What's the outfit of the day?

I am wearing a vintage red button-up with a sweet white contrasting

collar that is from my store, Tea and Tulips. The velvet shorts have an

amazing bow in front and are from Chicwish. The booties are from

Blowfish Shoes and the bag is from Romwe. I have been trying to play

with color this spring!

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