Meet the Mets, Beat the Mets

This Thursday through Sunday, the Florida Marlins greet the New York Mets for the first time this season in a four-game set. And if you need any additional encouragement to head to Sun Life Stadium beyond the chance to berate scores of New York transplants, the Fish have you covered. Both weekend games feature giveaways, including Hanley Ramirez figurines Friday night and Marlins maracas Saturday. Strangely, the maracas giveaway comes a day after Fiesta Friday, leaving Hispanic fans wondering, “¿Por qué?” That isn’t the only issue on the minds of Marlins fans. They’ve begun to clamor for a man named Mike Stanton, and the current outfielders — Cameron Maybin, Chris Coghlan, and Cody Ross — have done little to lessen the anticipation. Fish fans will have to wait for summer, though, for the notoriously frugal management plans to keep Stanton down in the minors for financial reasons. Hey, how else are they going to pay for all of those maracas?
Thu., May 13, 7:10 p.m., 2010
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Brian Griffiths