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Magic City Returns! L.A. Boudoir Hosts Vintage Costume Party

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When we left the Starz original series Magic City at the end of its first season, Judi Silver and Ike wound up in the clink, with Ben eventually springing Judi. Mercedes and Danny finally got around to hooking up with an uncertain future in front of them. And Ben tried to drown Lily, but then changed his mind.

Just your average day in vintage Miami.

The second season launches June 14, hopefully shedding light on little cliffhangers, like here comes Danny with a baby carriage. To celebrate, Lauren Arkin, the owner behind L.A. Boudoir Miami Vintage Boutique, a shop the show's costume department rings up when it needs a vintage thing or two for the cast, is throwing a party and spilling the beans on what she saw while filming the second season. Stop in to the Upper Eastside shop on Thursday, June 13, from 6 to 10 p.m. to be a part of the festivities -- and keep reading to see what's in store for the upcoming episodes.

Cultist: What's the theme to your Magic City party?

Lauren Arkin: Come dressed in late 1950's/early '60's fashions. There will be a "best dressed" contest for men and women judged by some of ladies from Cupcake Burlesque. And we will be introducing a "Moon Over Miami" cocktail.

You said you've been an extra on the show for two seasons. How did that come about?

I actually saw a casting call in Miami New Times looking for people who love the 1950s and wouldn't mind getting dressed [up] and getting hair and makeup [done] for the show. The 1950s are one of my favorite periods, and I said, "Lets see what happens." I went for my appointment and they hired me on the spot. One of the stipulations for my participation was for me to cut my hair rather short, 8 inches, actually. They want to be as accurate to the period as possible.

Which scenes have you been in?

In the first season, I was in the three-to-six episodes in different spots, In one stand-out part I was a maid. In season 2, I am in various scenes and episodes, including a jazz club, a hair salon and my "larger role" as a mob wife.

What was it like?

The hours can be quite long, 12-plus hours each day, with a lot of waiting and standing around.

How were hair, makeup and wardrobe?

My favorite out of all three is wardrobe. All of the clothing, accessories, props, etc, are authentic vintage. For me, who owns a vintage store, it was heaven. I loved going in for fittings and just looking at the racks and bins filled with gorgeous clothes.

Hair and makeup definitely had its ups and downs. In the first season the hair styles were more sculpted and defined, and in season two you can tell they were getting into the early '60s.I would spend a total of one to two hours in hair and makeup every time. One day was four hours in hair alone. Each night before going to set, all the women had to sleep with rollers in their hair to prep for the next day. That definitely took its toll on quality sleep. And each morning the women extras would discuss new ways of propping pillows, towels and blankets to try and make sleeping slightly more comforting.

Have things from your store been purchased for the show? What kind of things? And who wore them?

A variety of items were purchased, mainly lingerie, jewelry and accessories. The lingerie they picked was very sheer, flowy and colorful. I saw a few of the extras wearing some of the jewelry, but I am waiting to see who wore the lingerie. The anticipation is killing me.

What do you offer at your store? Is this what we need to recreate the show's look?

I offer vintage clothing, accessories for men, women and children at affordable prices, as well as home accents and props for both purchase and rentals.

Favorite Magic City moment of all time?

During filming of season two, I was in a gunfight scene when things got a little too intense with the stunt crew, and glass and liquids spilled all over me.

What's your prediction for the next season?

I think there will be a lot more violence and gritty scenes. I know there are some new characters introduced that will really rev up the drama and suspense.

Anything else you want to add?

My family, specifically my father, grew up in Miami Beach during the '50s and actually helped build the Fontainebleau Hotel. He was a lifeguard at many of the hotels along Miami Beach. My uncle managed many of the hotels featured in the TV series, so I have been exposed to "actual" stories that are affluent in Magic City, which makes my experience overall much more enlightening.

L.A. Boudoir's Magic City Costume Party takes place Thursday, June 13, from 6 to 10 p.m. Attendance is free. Visit laboudoirmiami.com.

-- Ginger Harris

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