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Lea Beaulieu and Other Bad Girls Twitter Pages Reveal Post-Show Drama

We've really been enjoying ourselves these last few weeks, watching the ladies of Bad Girls Club Miami frolic around our great city. They got into fights, blacked out, and were just trainwrecks in general. But sadly, we only get to watch these broads for an hour once a week, and we think we can speak for everyone when we say that just isn't enough.

Well, thank God it's 2010 and there are multiple ways to keep up with the bad girls (including our weekly wrap-up and interviews). And while we were looking for  fresh Bad Girl fix one day, we took a gander at their Twitter pages to see what the bitches are really like. Keep reading for some our favorite Bad Girl Club Miami tweets from Lea Beaulieu, Kristen Guinane, and the rest of the gang.

Morgan (@MorganBrittXXX) still considers herself a bad girl.

So we guess if you got on the show, we suppose you are technically a

"bad girl," but would you still want to be in that category if you were

only there for less than 72 hours? With her bio being  "BAD GIRLS CLUB

Season 5 Miami! Hottest BG Ever!!" we suppose she not only considers

herself one, but the most attractive one yet. Oh and bad news for Miami

Beach: she still lives here, works at Hard Rock ("yess! I wrk at The

Hardrock"), still hits up shitty places like club B.E.D. Worse, she's starting

to look like Heidi Montag. (See photo above.)

Lea (@LeaLorraine13) is friends with... who?
While watching this season of Bad Girls Club Miami , we see Lea bond with fellow blondie Kristen. They have secret meetings in their club house (AKA the top of their Jeep) and they try their hardest to get bitches they don't like out of the house. So even though we realize this show was filmed a few months ago, it's hard to see Lea twittering back and forth with ladies like new girl Christina (who she attacked last week,) Kayleigh (who she was glad to see leave), and Erica (who Kristen says is kissing Lea's ass these days). On the show, we recently watched Miss Lea verbally assault all three of those gals on multiple occasions. With only a few episodes left, we can only guess that 1.) Things REALLY go sour between Kristen and Lea in the next few weeks or 2.) The reunion is going to be pretty exciting. Can't wait for that shit to hit the fan!

There is no way Erica (@BadGirlErica) has a real job.
Wow, take a look at Erica's Twitter and you will see what we are talking about. The girl literally updates her Twitter every hour on the hour. Do you like Erica and want to let her know? Just twitter her, because there is a 99% chance she will see it due to the fact she is on there 24 hours a day.  But we don't suggest you follow her. First, she'll completely fill up your home page with her retweets. And not only does she have a page, but she has created one for her and her lover Adrian (the guy we see her sleeping with constantly on the show) who she considers "#oxygenshottestcouple." Well, does she have much competition? Maybe Tori and Dean. Wait, we take that back.

Danielle (@DeFortunateFool) is as boring in real life as she was on the show.
Reading Danielle's Twitter is more painful than watching paint dry. Wait, watching paint dry while having your hair pulled out and your eyes burned out with hot sticks. The other ladies' tweets might be dumb, but at least they're interesting. She tweets things like:

"cool beans!
"Sleep tight!<3"
"I don't feel the same today as I did yesterday or I will tomorrow."

Bitch, what the fuck does that even mean? And better yet, why do we care? Cool beans? Were you catching up on Saved By The Bell episodes and decided to slip in a one-liner?  After watching this video though, Danielle and her twitter feed made a lot more sense.

Kristen (@BadGirlBlondie) is a hot mess and we love her for it.
Not only does Kristen use Twitter the way it was intended (shouting out fans, retweeting articles, sharing pictures, etc.) but the bitch isn't ashamed to let the world know how big of a hot mess she is. Let us use the example of her tweet October 18:

"Updates on my life. Climbed thru my (lost my keys) window. No idea where my car is. Missed a 10 a.m. meeting, no idea where D is... #goodnight"

And later that day:

 "If any one finds my best friend, my car or my keys please call me."

You couldn't write that shit if you wanted to.

Stripper Brandi (@BrandiBGCMiami) is hungry.
With tweets like:
"Cravin' flammin' hot cheestos w/ cream cheese!"
"Ribs are cooking"
"I had some rotisseries chicken w/ rice and beans!" (at 7 a.m)


her slender frame, where does it it all go? And with the combo of Cheetos and cream cheese, we're going to assume she smokes a ton of


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