Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Starting a "War" with North Miami Residents

When the residents of DiLido Isle, the Sunset Islands, and North Bay Road refused to allow Kim and Kourtney Kardashian to move into their neighborhoods to film their upcoming reality show Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, we kinda figured they were just being, well, uppity snobs. 

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But now that even North Miami slum-dwellers residents are complaining about the effects of the Kardashians on their home sweet homes, we're thinking that maybe those Miami Beach snobs knew exactly what they'd be missing.

At least one North Miami resident is so fed up with the Kardashians and the paparazzi that come with them that he's begun to consider his neighborhood a combat zone. Jeff Tomlinson lives next door to the Kardashians' home base in the Sans Souci neighborhood, and told the Miami Herald,

I'm already at war with the producers ... They have dozens of cars parked all over the place. I'm trying to sell a lot next door, and I can't get buyers on the property. There are paparazzi all over the place!

Turns out the the residents of the gated community where the Kardashians have landed weren't as watchful as their Miami Beach counterparts -- or even as concerned as residents of nearby Eastern Shores, another neighborhood where the Kardashians were denied access. A Sans Souci resident told the Herald that the city gave notice of filming, but "I don't think anyone paid attention."

That's bad news for those residents. But the good news for anyone hoping to catch a peek of the reality tv stars is this: Though they're shacked up in a gated community, the road they're on (NE 120th Road) is public access, so you can swing through and see for yourself what all the mess is about. Neighbors are already complaining about overcrowding, after all -- what's a few more onlookers?

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