Jillian Mayer Will Break Dance and Rap If You Fund Her Kickstarter Film

Miami artist Jillian Mayer asks strangers to make creative babies with her on the micro-patronage site Kickstarter. You know, that site we keep talking about? The one that only seems to be a success in every other U.S. city beside Miami?

Anyway, she's looking for funding because she's turning her smart satire on marriage, "Mrs. Ms," into a film. We saw it at this year's Here & Now Festival during the Arsht Center's Miami Made Weekend. In the short musical, she frets over finding the one, before deciding to marry her pet Chihuahua, Shivers. (Spoiler alert!) When he turns out to be a no-good, cheating liar, she decides to take her honeymoon anyway where she poses in the buff with America's great landmarks.

Mayer's already found five backers to help her with her $3,000 goal and there's a little over a month left to fundraise. As we previously reported, the harsh reality of Kickstarter is that you have to raise your entire goal amount to keep any of the pledged funds. But Mayer's brainstormed some ingenious ways -- involving freestyle rap, hip x-rays, and break dancing -- to entice you to fund her project:

  • Pledge $50 and she'll perform a freestyle rap to you over Skype.
  • Pledge $75 and you'll get a copy of the x-ray of her hips, which she

    hurt during rehearsal. She notes that you can kinda make out the

    outline of her vayajay.

  • Pledge $750 and you'll get to appear in the film as a giant paper mache

    head, which you'll get to keep. And you'll also get a special copy of

    the film where the love interest's name is replaced with yours.

  • Pledge $4,000 and Mayer will fly to your hometown and perform for you for an
    aerial silk performance in your honor.

    She'll also enter a break dancing competition wearing a shirt with your

    name on it.

Of course, there are many other pledge levels available. But we think these promised perks might finally inspire Miami to throw down some cash in the name of community-funded art.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.