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Handcrafted Tattoo's Jamie Ryscik's Ink Equipment Stolen: Help Catch the Bad Guys

On October 4, tattoo artist Jamie Ryscik's car was broken into behind his shop in Wynwood.

Thieves made away with seven machines and his laptop. He needs our help to track them down. Ryscik, a resident ink specialist at Handcrafted, winner of Best Tattoo Shop Miami 2013, has been tattooing for 16 years in New York and South Florida. Before Handcrafted, he practiced at Bulldog and Colorfast.

Ryscik told New Times, "When I realized my backpack containing my Mac and my machines were gone, I felt completely helpless and numb...My livelihood was in that bag."

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The equipment stolen were six Bert Krak machines and one made by Jimmy at Lucky's.

According to Ryscik, "All of them have either 'Jamie' or 'JME' on them and have 'Bert Krak' stamped on them. Two of the shaders were custom, both bulldog style frames: one grey with blue coils, and the other, more rustic with purple coils on them. The other two shaders are the same style frame, one is silver with pink coils and the other is black on black.

The three liners were each different: one has the coil in the frame; it's a one off. The other is a silver framed Bert liner, and the last was a silver liner that had my name and 'Top Shelf' stamped into the frame."

Fellow tattooers, are you getting this? Keep your eyes peeled for these specifics.

For Ryscik, the value of the machines is more personal than monetary. Any information regarding his equipment is appreciated. Although he says police have been quite helpful, any information regarding his equipment is appreciated. He can be reached at Handcrafted Tattoo Miami 305-571-8194.

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