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Ghost Hunters' Steve Gonsalves on His Freakiest Paranormal Experiences, Jealous Skeptics, and the Evil Dead

Despite the wacky charms of our childhood friends Slimer and Beetlejuice, real ghosts are no joke. And tracking 'em down with high tech equipment takes a special kind of courage. (Balls. It takes balls.)

Enter Steve Gonsalves and Jason Hawes, two of the stars of the SyFy channel's longest running spook show, Ghost Hunters. Their team uses high-tech equipment to investigate paranormal phenomenon all over the country. And while cynics constantly challenge the show's authenticity, the crew insists it's all legit.

With Halloween right around the corner, Steve and Jason appeared last weekend at the Seminole Casino Hollywood for a little metaphysical meet and greet.

Cultist caught up with Steve and chatted about his "first time" (with the paranormal, that is), haters, and his love for all things Universal Studios.

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