FriendsWithYou Returns to Miami With Art Basel Exhibit "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Most of us know that standing in an all red room will get the blood pumping, while being surrounded by blue and green hues instills a sense of serenity.

Studies have shown that colors affect our psychological state, and different shades have been associated with different feelings. White, for example, brings to mind innocence and purity, while black has been linked with mourning, red with romance, yellow with optimism, and green with health and fertility.

For Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, who make up the FriendsWithYou arts collaborative, color is also a tool they employ to help their audiences get in touch with their emotions.

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Both Borkson, 34, and Sandoval, 37, who moved from Miami to Los Angeles last year, are returning to the Big Mango for their first local project since their departure. The plan: to festoon the Mondrian on South Beach with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," a multimedia experience geared to transport locals and visiting Baselites alike into enhanced state of cheerfulness during Miami Art Week.

Their vibrant installation will bring to life the pulsating richness of the Rainbow Spectrum through a translucent, toy-like inflatable world harnessing the sun's rays to brighten the environment and dazzle spectators by heightening their sense of awareness, explains Borkson.

"In this installation we use color, form, and sound for a healing experience. We work with light and scale and pump up the interactivity to an even higher level of user interaction to transcend viewers to a higher state of consciousness and healing," he says, adding that engaging with their dynamic environment will remind visitors to be remain playful and interact on a deeper, subconscious level with their surroundings.

Borkson mentions that FriendsWithYou's latest conceptual dreamscape came about when organizers at the Art Production Fund put them in contact with the Morgans Hotel Group in time for Art Basel, and that he and Sandoval have been working on their dazzling, multihued opus for a while now.

"Like all of our work, it's a constant practice. We have been working on these ideas for quite a while, even though the work on this actual installation has been in the last few months. From dream to reality is always a good chunk of time," explains the artist who along with Sandoval has been a staple on the local Basel stage since 2006 when the duo enthralled the public with a wildly popular blimp parade. 

Borkson says FriendsWithYou have also been embraced by the Southern Cali's art scene since relocating there in summer of 2012.

"It's really great. New adventures, lots of inspiring people and plenty of space for growth. Los Angeles is a wonderful city in which we have been able to further our practice together and be more productive than ever. It feels like creative summer camp, and we are happy to have so many of our best friends from Miami here as well," he informs. 

But those welcoming Pacific Coast vibes haven't cured the perennially jovial talent of his fondness for Miami and some tropical home cooking.

"Of course, more than the food, we miss family, friends and most of all, the ocean."

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Opening Reception December 5, 2 to 8 p.m. poolside at Mondrian South Beach, 1100 West Avenue, Miami Beach. Call 305-514-1500 or RSVP: events@paulkasmingallery.com. Also Saturday December 7, Grey Area x Lululemon x Morgans present "Yoga with FriendsWithYou, a session of Music, Magic, Healing & Meditation" from11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Exhibit runs through January 15, 2014. 


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