Fashion on Film

Fashion: It’s not restricted to the runway anymore. You see it on the streets. You read about it in magazines and on blogs. You hear about it in music lyrics. You’re exposed to it in nearly all aspects of pop culture. (Hey, even trucker hats and harem pants are fashion statements.) Sure, you’ll even see it hanging in your closet. But now, fashion is hitting the big screen. The first annual Miami Fashion Film Festival (MIAfff) will be held this Thursday through Sunday. The festival will celebrate films and filmmakers that examine the art, culture, and business behind fashion on local and international levels. During the fest’s four-day run, documentaries, narratives, and fashion shorts will take audiences behind the scenes at how fast-paced the fashion industry really is; they’ll also get to watch fashion-in-film classics and modern movie gems that have inspired a wide-reaching love for style. If you’re feeling especially trendsetting, you can engage in conversation at the festival’s workshops, a “Facing Fashion” chat series, and other happenings including a fashion photo exhibition by Nicolas Stipcianos and a clothing exhibit at the Keni Valenti Gallery. Forget your Sunday best; it’s time to pull out that little black dress and celebrate everything that’s in vogue, Miami-style.
Sept. 12-15, 2013
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Christine Borges