Everyday Hustlin, a Look at Miami Artists' Day Jobs: Brook Dorsch

"Where my money? I need, I need, I need cash!" Maybe Rick Ross wasn't singing about the everyday grind of paying bills. But there once was a young Rick Ross, who struggled to find a way to balance his creative ambitions and cash flow. In "Everyday Hustlin'," we talk with Miami artists about their day jobs.

Brook Dorsch, owner and founder of the Dorsch Gallery in Wywood, does not consider himself an artist although he has been in the game for the last 20 years. (Read a review of his last show here.) "I am just an Art Junkie, technically an Art Pimp." We spoke Dorsch about his day job.

New Times: Does owning a gallery actually pay the bills or do you have a day job?
Brook Dorsch:

No, it does not and for the past 15 years, I have worked for Maritime

Telecommunications Network. My current title is senior product engineer.

Does it help or hurt your art?

does both, mostly because it allows me the freedom to show what I want

to show, and not be worried if it is "Sale-able" or not. However, the

downside is that I am mostly at my day job and have to work at the

gallery after I finish a full day working. I am known for not sleeping

very much. Luckily my wife Tyler decided to join me at the gallery,

so things have really been changing for the better since she is at the

gallery each day.

What is the best thing about having a day job? The worst?

main perk is that, my job has enabled me to travel all over the world

and I typically try to extend my trips in order to see shows, do studio

visits and just see more art and artists outside of Miami.

Are you any good at your day job?

my specialty is in the satellite networks that are specific for the

cruise industry, and since I have been doing this for 15 years, people

trust me and my experience in the industry. I do enjoy it very much and

the people I work with are great, however most of them know that my true

love is at the gallery.

Have you ever blurred the lines of your day job and artistic job?

few times in both directions -- I have used my technical knowledge for

art projects and I have brought MTN customers to the gallery and given

private tours. There is always an opportunity to get people interested

in Dorsch Gallery artists.

Let's say you have just received a huge check, how do you see it playing out?

some debt would be paid off. But I guess you are asking would I quit

MTN, of course the answer is yes, but at this point I don't think it

would affect the gallery very much. Tyler and I are very committed to

our program and the artists we are working with. I would just be happy

to have the opportunity to be at the gallery more and then when the day

is done, spend time with my wife and two daughters, and maybe sleep a

little more.

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