Dwight Howard Sues Baby Mama Royce Reed for Uttering His Name

Being on a reality show gives you the right to do a lot of things. First off, make a lot of money. Second, you get the perfect platform to run your mouth on whomever and whatever you want. Well, not if you're Royce Reed.

You know Reed as the tiny little loud-mouthed dancer on VH1's Basketball Wives (read our Q&A with her here).

But Orlando Magic's center, Dwight Howard, knows her as his baby mama. And for anyone

who watches the show, unless you have done your research, you probably had no

idea she even had a kid, let alone one with an NBA superstar. Why? Well,

because Reed was served with a court order that prohibited her from

talking about him in the media.  A rule she didn't feel like following.

So now, Howard is going after Reed in California to collect on a Florida court decision that she besmirched his name in the media by calling him out on Twitter and on Basketball Wives.

Last year, Reed was ordered to pay Howard $500,000 for violating a court order that prohibited her from talking about him in the media. And apparently, that still hasn't been paid out. TMZ reports that Reed owes him $551,606.74, including interest. So to get his cash, he is taking her to court in California so he would go after her Golden State assets.

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