Dexter's Extended Season Seven Trailer Hints at Deb's Death

Earlier this month, we complained that Showtime was being too tease-y with their teasers about the upcoming season of Dexter, which will also be its last. Give us something to sink our teeth into, we pleaded.

We asked, and now we have received.

Yesterday, Showtime posted a two-minute trailer beginning where last season left off -- Deb discovering Dexter in the act of murdering a victim -- and ending with the shadow of Dexter's knife hovering over Deb's face. See the video, and our guide to its best moments, after the jump.

0:00 - 0:23: We've seen this all before.

0:27: "We'll get you the best lawyer in the city. You had a moment of temporary insanity." Oh, Deb. Sweet, innocent, sailor-mouthed Deb.

0:30: "We can fix this." "THERE'S NO ESCAPE." Subtlety has never been Dexter's strong suit.

0:39: So they burn the evidence? Seriously? Dexter, this is a crime scene, not Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video. You know that's no way to cover your tracks. Well, except in the case of exploding cabins in the Everglades.

0:40: "Right would be taking you in," says Deb. C'mon, Deb. What's a little murder between siblings?

0:49: In the later stages of substance abuse, addicts often indulge their addictions at the workplace. Looks like Dexter's following suit, by injecting a future victim in an interrogation room. The first step is admitting you have a problem, Dex.

0:55: Woah, what's the deal with Intern Dude? How could Bench Press Guy from I Love You, Man possibly be a bad guy?

1:06: Oh, a giant crew of firefighters and cops showed up to the raging church fire you started? WE ARE SHOCKED.

1:16: And now with the blood slides. Y'know what's always bugged us? The way the blood stays so red between the slides, even after years and years. Wouldn't it go all brown and dead-looking after awhile? Anyone? Okay, moving on.

1:17: Heavy metal montage!

1:18: Dev punches Dexter! Dexter drugs Bench Press Guy!

1:19: Deb runs from ... an amusement park?

1:20: Random guy pulls a gun!

1:23: "I have to be free to be who I am," Dexter says. See, guys? He's just like the rest of us. Except, well, you know.

1:25: Did Dexter just slice Masuka's throat? Please, Showtime, save the horndog!

1:27: Did Showtime steal that freaky horned mask from HBO's True Blood as a prank?

1:35: Dexter at dinnertime, showing us all the benefits of humanely raised, organic beef.

1:51: "The only thing worse than not knowing what she'll do is not knowing what I'll do." For you, maybe, Dexter. For us, it's damned exciting.

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