Bout Face

SUN 2/29

At last, a wrestling outfit that knows that fighting is all about the mask. Along with a range of over-the-top identities, many of the fighters who participate in Lucha Xtreme Wrestling possess some of the most compelling costumes in the sport. The Mark of the Mask tour, which kicks off in Miami, celebrates the mystique of the old-school vizard with a band of luchadores that includes Super Dragon, Los Lunatics, and Altar Boy Luke. This event promises the standard cathartic release for the fans who actually believe the scripted dramas or the die-hard rubberneckers who enjoy violence. The 6 bouts slated for the date will mean an ample display of face paint and masks with horns, elaborate visors, and zippers, not to mention supersized tubbies prancing around in tights and undies. The homoerotic theatrics begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Radisson Mart Plaza Hotel Convention Center, 711 NW 72nd Ave. Tickets cost $15. Call 305-261-2900. -- By Victor Cruz

Prized Fights

A legendary Miami meeting in the ring

NOW 24/7

Cassius Clay already had a respectable boxing career and an Olympic gold medal (Rome, 1960) by the time he arrived at the Miami Beach Convention Hall 40 years ago this week. The heavily promoted title bout pitted the charming 7-to-1 underdog against the fearsome champ Sonny Liston. Known for his verbal sparring, the "Louisville Lip" would earn real bragging rights and his first heavyweight championship during the exciting and controversial match. (Did Sonny really "burn" his gloves with illegal ointments?) Clay stylishly danced circles around Liston, who called it quits before the 7th round because of a "shoulder injury." The legendary battle would be only the first of several seat-grabbers in Clay's career and private life. Shortly thereafter Clay publicly embraced Islam, changed his name to Muhammad Ali, and went on to become, as he often boasted, "The Greatest." -- By Margaret Griffis

Pet Promenade

SAT 2/28

Your dog gives you so much love he or she should be shown off to the world. The Humane Society of Greater Miami's annual Walk for the Animals is your chance to give your little mutt the respect he deserves while helping out pooches of all kinds. The event is the Humane Society's main fundraiser, so pet lovers would be well advised to raise the $35 pledge. The walk is a 1-mile course around Bayfront Park (301 Biscayne Blvd.), but there are many pet-related activities. Check out the famed Miami-Dade Urban Search and Rescue Team, the Waverunners Flyball Racing Team, and the Miami Obedience Club. The activities start at 8:30 a.m. Call 786-924-5220. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez

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