Bleeding Palm Responds to Chris Bosh Letter With Animated GIF: "Our Whole Universe is in Danger"

Artist, animator, and former Cultist contributor Bleeding Palm is worried about the letter he received from Chris Bosh demanding he cease and desist with his film, Adventures of Chris Bosh in the Multiverse.

No, it's not because the Miami Heat forward threatened to sue. It's because, as he told us via email, "It seems as though our whole universe is in danger again."

After the jump, read what Bleeding Palm has to say about his theory of multiple Boshes, whether the show will go on, and an animated GIF he created especially for this occasion.

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Why do you think he's taken issue with the film?

It's not just me and Borscht that are in trouble, it seems as though our whole universe is in danger again. Apparently, the Bosh that commissioned the film may have actually been the avatar of the evil space sorceress plotting to come back into our world and make the Internet useless forever. Inadvertently, the creation of this film caused several universes across different dimensional planes to collide, and now there are no less than 3 Chris Boshes in our universe, including one that has taken over the Perez Art Museum in the future, the one playing basketball, the real Star Prince Akilobataar, and one Bosh Avatar under the control of evil space witch. Who knows how many more there are, and I don't even know which Bosh I am dealing with at any given moment. Somebody help me please.

What do you/Borscht plan to do now?

The real question is what is Bosh going to do now? He is in way over his head and may get caught up in this interdimensional battle for real this time. We will continue with our plans for the festival, but if Bosh needs us by his side for battle we will be there.

Do you have any words for Bosh, in light of this?

Bosh, please come to the Bosh Film Festival at the Miami Art Museum on December 14th. We planned it that day because you don't have a game that night, and we heard you like art, and might like our cartoon. Mike Miller is invited too. I love you Christopher Bosh.

Are we still gonna get to see your movie?

Yes, at the Bosh Film Festival at the Miami Art Museum on December 14th. It's free.

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