Beyoncé Turns 33 Today: Let's Celebrate With Her Sassiest Gifs

Beyoncé "Queen Bey" Carter turns 33 today and for some reason, this momentous occasion hasn't become a national holiday yet. Maintaining her status as America's favorite pop star since the Destiny's Child days, the recent relative scandals have been, dare we say, refreshing.

There was that once-questionable trip to Cuba, and the infamous elevator incident involving her husband Jay-Z and sister Solange Knowles. But the biggest mark of Bey's breaking out of the perfect persona is her latest album, Beyoncé, which has been hailed as a feminist work, particularly for the sampling of a Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speech in the track, "Flawless."

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On this day, Bey's Jesus day, if you will, we hail the Queen with a collection of her sassiest, take-no-shit, eat it gifs.

Bow down, bitches.

Hair volume sustained entirely by sass.

One does not disagree with Bey.

Yes, she just won the Video Vanguard award at the MTV VMAs. And yes, she knows she just performed her entire new album and not a single back-in-the-day hit. Do you think she gives a fuck?

Channeling Diana Ross sass in Dreamgirls. You sip that coffee.

Happy Birthday, Bey. And because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, the perfection of Maya Rudolph:

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