Basketball Wives Reunion, Part 1: Evelyn Lozada Is a Bitch

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No reality show is complete without a reunion to look back at all the moments where your cast mates talked about your behind your back. Is there a better way to end a journey then calling out people to their faces? We think not. And consider all the drama on Basketball Wives finale, we couldn't wait to see who's claws would come out in last night's reunion.

On last season's reunion, the ladies did nothing but fight and Suzie

eventually got arrested for assaulting groupie Sandra. So we had

high hopes for what this episode would bring. And from part one,

honestly, we're a little disappointed. Things stayed pretty tame while

going down memory lanes and then all of a sudden, shit hit the fan. But we did

have some favorite moments.

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Um, Hey Host John Salley: Can't lie, kind of a random choice.  The man loves press though--you probably recognize him from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here or maybe his huge NBA career. It's really strange to see a man's opinion on these things, because the look on his face is, "Bitches--you all are nuts." But you know his wife was sitting in the audience thinking to herself, "These basketball loving bitches better stay off my man."

Tami Cleaned Up:  Miss Tami Roman was looking good and we mean real good last night. We're glad VH1 stopped being so cheap and got the girl a stylist.  Let us state that while we love Shaunie O'Neal, Tami is for sure our favorite. The bitch is grade A crazy and we love her for it. The food stamp incident! GOD, we had forgotten about that. Looking back at her best moments on the show, we would like thank baby Jesus for putting Tami on this program.

Misery Loves Company: Anyone else catch the ladies faces when they were first being introduced? To say it looked like they were all attending a funeral is an understatement. Perk up ladies: you get paid to be on a show because you have sex with athletes. We would be pretty psyched about that.

Evelyn Is a Bitch: Rewatching the finale, we realize that when she was telling Tami about the Kenny incident, she really didn't feel that bad about it. In fact, while talking with Shaunie, she had a smile on her face. Really, Eve, really? While we can't say the girl isn't pretty, because she is gorgeous, but we can tell this girl is a real bitch.

Donde Esta Suzie? She really wasn't a big part of this season, but looking back, she was a big part of the first couple of episodes aka the Vegas fiasco. She makes an appearance in part two but we are a tad confused why she wasn't a bigger part of the reunion.  But all we know is that she brings Gloria back with her tonight, so we know that should get good.

Royce Is Embarrassing: We can't ignore her dancing that went on while Tami and Evelyn were fighting. Girl, you need to stop.

Jennifer Is Still Not Divorced? Wait--is she serious right now? Why the hell is this girl not divorced yet? Maybe she loves looking at those big white teeth all day. We wish we could discuss his taped interview, but it was  probably the most dysfunctional thing we have ever seen. We literally have no idea what he was talking about.

Check back tomorrow for our recap of Part Two of the reunion, which airs tonight.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.