Basketball Wives Episode 1: Evelyn Lozada Turns Tami Roman Insult Into F'N T-Shirt

It's back, bitches: Basketball Wives season three is here. From moment one, the ladies start hating on Royce Reed. Literally, in the first five minutes of the program, it's pretty much decided by the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) that Miss Reed is a "non-mother f***ing factor." So, yeah, she should have a pretty exciting season ahead of her.

Speaking of Royce, she is single and ready to mingle. We aren't sad to see

her ex-boo, Dwayne, go. He was pretty annoying and was doing his best

to become a basketball husband. Those girls are already hungry enough

for attention; a man asking for it too is too much.

Then there was the Tami Roman and Royce Reed cocktail hour where a lot of things were put on the table. Let's see: Suzie Ketcham was discussed, and of course, Tami and Evelyn Lozada's brawl, which still brings a joyful tear to our eye.

Apparently, Evelyn is making T-shirts with her "factor phrase" on it, and Tami isn't too psyched about that. Making profit off a fight that started because you were sleeping with a friend's ex-husband? Nice work, Eve.

And just as we came back from the first commercial break, we meet the new broad on the block, Meeka Claxton. She was immediately thrown into the group with two separate dates: one with Shaunie O'Neal and a second with Jennifer Williams.

We guess it's like how you have to interview with a company a few times

before your job is signed, sealed, and delivered. She was just meeting

the Wive's CEO to get approval. But we think she will fit in fine

with the ladies: She loves huge earrings and gossip AKA two things that

make Basketball Wives' world go around.

Here was a surprise for us: Suzie, Ashley (Rafer Alston's baby mama) and Royce were hanging out (which was almost as awkward as Evelyn and  Tami's little beach meet-up). Later Tami informs Evelyn that she is actually the "non-factor," because Eve was never made a basketball wife, just a fiancé. 

What really topped of the afternoon was Tami flat out telling Evelyn that she plans to sue her if she makes the shirts (they're already made!), even with Miss Lozada's offer to give proceeds for her Tami's charity.

This is why we love this show. There is lots of behind-the-back gossip, but then there are moments like this where they don't give a shit and will tell each other exactly how they feel. Oh, its too good to be true.

But episode one wasn't just a gossip fest 2011, things come together just as we wanted them: in a fight. It's pretty obvious that Tami and Evelyn won't make it through the season without a physical altercation, but for now, we'll take a verbal throwdown. In the middle of a shoe store, Tami informa Evelyn that in her lawsuit, she pretty much will attempt to take everything she has, including her retail store that will be renamed "Tami's."

So far, episode one was great.  For the next episode, our only request is a little more cat-fighting and a little Chad Ochocinco. Yes, he fascinates us. 

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