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Bad Girl Club's Catya Washington Behind Bars, Again

As opposed to Basketball Wives, where the featured ladies aren't actually wives, the women of Bad Girls Club Miami are living up to their show name by being up to no good. In November, we told you how Catya Washington (AKA Cat or as she was known "The Elite Player") was arrested on multiple charges. Pennsylvania police found cocaine, mushrooms, Ecstasy, and a gun on the reality TV star during a large drug bust.

Then, fellow bad girl Kristen Guinane auctioned herself off to help bail Cat out of jail. How many dates equals $500,000? Too many. Now out of jail but under house arrest, Cat just couldn't stay out of trouble. Will Blondie come to her rescue again?

According to CBS News, she was taken into custody December 29 for an

outstanding bench warrant.  Her relatives are telling the gossip site

TMZ that she ventured outside of the court-ordered perimeter. That's a no-no, and Catya has spent the first days of 2011 in jail.

As you may recall, this is the second incarnation for the girl who

called herself too "high-class" for Season Five of the Bad Girls Club,

leaving the show early as the rest of the cast vacationed in Jamaica.

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Amanda McCorquodale