Backbeats and Bong Hits

Man, this dude is wacky

WED 9/21

In an age where music is packaged, censored, and commercialized for teenage consumption and MTV popularity, Brian Kenney Fresno is a breath of fresh air, or perhaps better put, a breath of fresh marijuana smoke. Kenney is a self-proclaimed cult leader and singer of modern tales, urban legends, and epics of the absurd. His style is a cross between trucker and homeless guy, and his songs combine the silliness of Jack Black's band Tenacious D with the beat of a country tune. Kenney plays the Warr guitar, the union of a five-string bass and a seven-string guitar, and his songs range in subject from marijuana and beer to politics to bizarre ballads about having a kidney stolen while falling in love. A Brian Kenney show experience entails mandatory singing along, screaming at the mention of Fresno, and the optional consumption of raisins -- an important Fresno area crop -- from Kenney's holy chalice. Ridiculous, maybe. Fun, definitely. Take a toke of Kenney's Tour of Tyranny at Churchill's tonight at 9:00. Call 305-757-1807, or visit --Ilona Solomon

More Ballet

It's tutu much!

FRI 9/16

The exquisite dance of a ballerina, twirling and springing across the stage in feather-light movements, proves that novels are only one way to tell a great story. This year's International Ballet Festival of Miami brings ballet stars from companies worldwide to venues around South Florida, representing classical and contemporary styles. Miami-based Momentum Dance Company appears twice in the ballet festival's tenth anniversary celebration. In tonight's show at the Manuel Artime Theater (900 SW First St., Miami), the company's set explores the irony in the timing of everyday human interaction. "This dance culls out the moments of disconnect that should have connected but somehow miss," explains Delma Iles, Momentum's artistic director. Sunday's closing show at 2:00 at the Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts (1770 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) features company soloists in a complex blend of two dances. Ticket prices range from $10 to $50. Call 305-858-7002. For a complete festival schedule, visit --Christina Kent

Not Gonna Happen

SAT 9/17

Moving sucks. Scavenging for boxes, packing, deciding whether you should finally get rid of the juicer you never use. But when you're little and your parents are making you move away from your friends and the only house you've ever known, it really sucks. In the Actors' Playhouse Musical Theatre for Young Audiences presentation of Judith Viorst's Alexander, Who's Not Not Not Not Not NOT Going to Move!, Alexander is putting his tiny tennis shoe down and refusing to move -- if he could just figure out how to do it. Showtimes are at 11:00 Saturdays through November 5 at the Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre, 280 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables. Tickets cost $12 for adults and children. Call 305-444-9293, or visit -- Lyssa Oberkreser

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