Are Gabrielle Anwar and Shareef Malnik Secretly Engaged?

There we were, standing on the red carpet at Lea and Roy Black's Annual Black Gala at the Fontainebleau, interviewing reality star after reality star in the hopes of getting some juicy scoop. Things were looking dismal; so far, every celebrity we talked to had only lovely, sober things to say. Bo-ring.

But then Burn Notice's

Gabrielle Anwar and The Forge owner Shareef Malnik came walking up, and things got interesting.

As we talked, we couldn't help but notice that Anwar seemed to be hiding her left hand behind her beau. And when we asked to see it, we saw she was sporting some serious bling on her ring finger -- the one most people reserve for wedding bands.

Naturally, we asked if they had any exciting engagement news to share -- and while the couple laughed off the question, they didn't deny it, either. And every time we looked at them throughout the night, they were in the middle of some serious PDA.

So are they engaged? You be the judge. Here's how our conversation went down:

Cultist: Your kind of pulling an Angelina Jolie this evening.
Gabrielle Anwar: I am feeling it. I didn't realize how high the slit was because I didn't try it on. There is a little draft, but I don't mind pulling out my inner Angelina.

Shareef, that makes you Brad.
Shareef Malnik: I'll take it. We are pretty much doppelgängers.

How's Burn Notice going?
Anwar: We just started shooting season six last week. We are going to be in the thick of that till October.

Are you still loving Miami?
Anwar: I love the man that lives in it. I do love it here, but it has taken a lot of getting used to, though.

What will you do if she moves to New York or Los Angeles?
Malnik: There is no separation here. We will do what we have to do.

(She and Shareef Eskimo kiss for almost a minute)

Um, what is on that hand?
(Gabrielle quickly turns to Shareef) Anwar: There it is. I told you!

No, really, what is that?
Anwar: It's a little bit of bling.

Did you put it there?
Malnik: I am not allowed to talk about it. I am sworn to secrecy. You know those gumball machines with the plastic rings? I got it there.

I am going to the wrong gumball machines then. Come on, girl, you won't tell me?
Anwar: Nope! Keeping it a secret.

Uh, you're the worst. See you at The Forge on Friday?
Malnik: For sure. 8:30 sharp.

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